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Isn’t she cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute?

My sweet pal Lhad her baby Saturday.  Yup, you’re right, that makes little J above, only 4 days!  She was the tiniest (and youngest, besides my own) baby I’ve ever photographed.  She cooperated so well despite some clothing changes & a semi-breezy porch session.  She especially loved the soft little swaddler we had (more on that soon).  

^ I just luh-huh-LOVE this.  Look how big dad’s hands are, not only to the baby’s head, BUT to the baby’s own hand right there beside his.  🙂  Awwww!

Haven’t decided what I’m going to blog yet tomorrow.  Waddayasay?  More baby or more family/maternity? 



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