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Bein’ Good

I will be a good blogger.  I will be a good blogger…  🙂

Crazy last couple days.  I received an email and a couple phone calls asking if I was okay.  Too funny (I LOVE it) because I missed a day of blogging.  Yes, I’m alive.  I always try my dardest to blog.  If I do skip a day in the midst of the next two weeks, know I’m okay! 

Coming up this weekend, is the Secret Photography Workshop, which I’m thrilled about.  Two amazing photographers (and women) from Seattle, whom I met at a Me Ra Koh workshop last October, are flying to Phoenix to attend with me.  I’m going to have photography on the brain 24/7 and learn so much about business, my style, editing, being a photographer and a mom at the same time…all that good stuff.  I hope to leave a better photographer in so many aspects (and know I will). 

The following week, hubs and I are OFF TO FLORIDA (wahoo!) for a kidlet-free trip!  We used to live in Jacksonville, so we’ll spend some time with friends, eat at some of our old fav. joints (don’t ya just love that?) relax on the beach…  I have six amazing photo sessions scheduled–hubby is into shooting skeet competitively, so he’ll be whoopin’ it up with his skeet pals out there.  It’s fun that we can both do our own thing and then meet up after a fun day.  Can’t wait! 

Yes, I’ll be blogging from FL.  I’ve got to show the families out there some sneak peaks!!!  Plus, couldn’t leave you all hanging. 

If, however, I DO skip a day in the next couple weeks, know that I’m just EXTRA busy and daily blogging will resume after our trip!

Had an INCREDIBLE family session this evening.  Can’t wait to start going through the images.  Check bright and early for some sneak peeks!!!   ~m


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