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I had a great time with the J family this afternoon.  It was toddler exploring at its best (and fastest) as we followed around little T.  She was energetic, sweet, and even a bit cautious. 

She’s right at that stage where she wants to break free (and does!), but still needs mom and dad around.   I forgot how quick little (almost) two-year-olds can be!  I need to gear myself up for my little guy…

Anyway, T’s parents wanted some pictures taken of her to celebrate her second birthday in a couple weeks and am so glad we did this.  We snuck some shots in of the fam and her stunning little sis, too.

[Okay, can I just tell you how much I LOVE the above pic?  First, dad and daughter…too cute.  Second, before this little action happened, dad would say, “T…Head butt?” and she’d coming running over to her daddy and they’d do an ever-so-gentle head bump together.  It was priceless!!!]

^ 7-month-old sister…she is just SOOOOO cute! and just loved smiling for me!

Thanks so much, J and P, for a fun afternoon!  I’m glad we waited around for that golden light — it was definitely worth it!  You two are amazing parents (to two very adorable kiddos).  See you soon.   ~m

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