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Let’s be honest here… “posing” for pics, or being one of the subjects in a photo shoot, isn’t the most comfortable activity.  Believe me, I know how hard it is to move out of your comfort zone when a camera is in front of you for an hour.  It does, however, get easier.  And more fun.  AND the images you receive of you and your loved ones are totally worth it.    Tooooootally worth it.  🙂

When I’m doing a newborn shoot, older siblings aren’t too sure what to think of me when I show up at their home with a big black scary thing around my neck.  When you add the excitement (& trauma!) of a new little baby at home (who loves to cry and take away all of mom and dad’s attention), things become well…interesting!

^ Love the color.  Like seeing action vs. asleep, focus vs. out of focus.  

{From a photographer perspective, I definitely wasn’t ready (settings-wise) for big bro to appear in the picture above, but I was super happy he did!  Traditionally, this pic would all be in focus, BUT I love how it’s drastically different.}

^ I always make sure and take some pics of siblings at a newborn shoot, because they’re part of this whole event, too!  The little guy here looks up at me –very curious and playful.  He’s starting to get closer to that camera!  

Even though most of the time Dads aren’t very thrilled about getting in front of the camera, I try and convince them to do something like this (below) and then slowly we work into family images.  I think the dads that have been through a photo shoot realize that it can be fun and not so uncomfy.  All I’m looking for is natural interaction:  fun with spouse, tosses (big kids) into the air — ya know, real moments! 

^ Little Lady hangin’ out in dad’s strong arms.  Look how giant his hand looks, in the shadows, compared to her little body!

I truly feel lucky when asked to take pictures of an individual or family.  It’s extremely flattering and something I take very seriously!  I try my best to make those of you that aren’t always lovin’ a camera nearby, to feel at ease and take some baby steps out of that comfort zone.   And usually by the end of the shoot, the person who wasn’t so crazy about the camera in the first place, is doing some incredibly fun & wacky stuff!  LOVE it.  🙂

Can’t wait for all my upcoming photo shoots!!!  The next couple weeks are BUSY!!!

                                                             *   *   * 

On a side note, I want to thank all of you blog readers out there.  Monday was a RECORD DAY at this blog! 

It’s so fun knowing that peeps from all over the world come here to see what’s going on!  Thanks, also, to the commenters, frequent or not-so-frequent.  I love your feedback, support, sweet words for the individuals in the pics, etc.  I TOTALLY appreciate you.  🙂   ~m

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