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Still up…

Was planning on posting some images I edited earlier today, but I’m in Fella’s room (and he’s deciding to not fall asleep).  It’s only…oh…1:30am.  Ugh.    

It was awesome to see my photographer pals today.  I picked them up at separate airports (who knew Mesa had a dinky airport with direct flights to Bellingham, WA?) and then we dined on “Italian” grub at Oregano’s.  It was a TOTAL hit, especially that pizza cookie.  🙂   I’m shocked Jen’s hubby hung in there so long (with all the photog. talk) but he was a great sport. 

Tomorrow, Jess is giving us a huge Lightroom tutorial and we’re going to have some casual photo shoots.  Then a meet-and-greet for the actual workshop.  Yea!  Will post pics tomorrow from our day!  ~m

Oh, and Jill…it’s SHORT!  🙂 

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