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A Peek Inside……………

  • Impressive: striking brown or black leather
  • Elegant, yet simple
  • Handcrafted
  • 8 x 10 in size
  • Displays 20-40 bordered, professionally printed 5x7s from your session
  • Includes a variety of color and/or black and white images
  • 2.5×2.5 opening for a cover image
  • Safe and long-lasting:  archival and acid-free materials used.  Comes in a fabric-lined presentation box, too!
  • EVERY edited image from your session is given to you  (if it’s not in an album for you, you’ll leave with it in your hands)
  • Smokin’ Deal for $400 (if you were to purchase all the 5x7s at the a la carte price there would be no comparison!)
  • Convenient:  it’s DONE for you so you can start showing it off as soon as it’s in your hands!  🙂

I had the pleasure of putting together a session album this weekend for one absolutely stunning newborn boy.  His mom told me via email that she cries every time she sees his slideshow (she wants to remember those times!) and that was my goal for his album, too.  I wanted to pull on her heart strings.  🙂  It’s SO touching and amazing when images move people.  I just LOVE that part about this job.  

As I was going over the session album with her in her office, she was beaming turning the pages…and you know what she said??? 

She said, “Maggie, I’m SO glad you captured those swirls of hair on his arm, because they’re gone now.”  *****I felt like a rockstar because YES…she’s so right.  Who (besides a photographer) has a macro lens and/or thinks about zooming in on arm hair?  It’s those little special things that I love. 

SO you’re thinking…okay, I just had a family session, and while I love a bunch of the images, I don’t need EVERY single one in an album…SURE YOU DO!!! 🙂  Sure every image from your session isn’t going be your absolute fave.  BUT…the cool thing is that all the images together tell a story.  Those pictures fit together like puzzle pieces and when they’re all together, there’s nothing like it! 

So, think about the session album.  It’s a great way to have everything, but not have to DO anything (frames, etc).  Knowing how much my kiddos look at old digital scrapbooks I have, I know if I had an album like this, it would definitely be one of the most popular “books” at our home.  It’d have to be viewed with a parent, of course though!!!   🙂

Have a great one!  We’re off to the mountains for the day…ahhhhh………   ~m

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[little blue fuzz]

More images for G.  🙂

I completed an awesome session album yesterday for a client, so stay tuned for some pics of it!   🙂

Have a great day!


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Got a HILARIOUS email from B’s mom today wanting to see some more sneak peeks.  🙂  How could I resist editing more from the session with this cutie pie???  Don’t worry, G, there will be more in a day or two. 

^ How cute is THIS???  🙂

^ Love that belly button and cuuuute little baby belly.

^ AND a little blast of adorable-ness. 

My favorite:  brothers.  🙂  I adore how the little guy is looking up at his big bro.


Got TONS done tonight.  Phew.  Still moving along on the FL sessions.

Oh…and May and June are both COMPLETELY booked {except, of course, for the family promo which will be announced soon!}.    If you would like a July session, call now to get your spot.  They’re going quickly!!! 

AND…for our little blog contest from yesterday.  MEG!!!!  You’re the lucky winner.  Yea!  Send your address to maggiejmcd@msn {dot} com and I’ll get it off in the mail to you.  Congrats and thanks so much for your comment.  🙂  Thanks EVERYONE for your comments, too!  🙂  I appreciate your support, feedback, things that make me laugh, etc.    Have a great day.   ~m

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ONLY in Arizona can you rock sun flare in the bathtub at 7pm!!!  Isn’t that crazy??? 


This pic…she was trying to look like Santa for Fella, but looks more like Sasquatch with that hair and “fuzzy beard”!!!  Love it.  🙂


^ Saved the best for last.

I love to take bathtub pics, but am SO forgetful (yeah…those of you that know me are screaming “YES”) that by the time they’re IN the tub, I remember (and can’t just leave them there).  SOOOO hubby was home yesterday, which allowed me to forget and then remember and THEN run downstairs to get the camera while he was supervising the hooligans.  PHEW.  Bath shots are the best.  🙂  Try ’em!!! 

GREAT NEWS…I was cleaning out my office today AND found a Starbucks Gift Card!!!  FIFTEEN BUCKS!!!  Want it???  Just leave a comment and Peach will draw names at 7pm to determine the winner.  Lucky person will find out Thurs morning and I’ll mail it your way!   A biggggg thanks to those of you that stop by here.  You’re SO appreciated. 

OTHER great news…I didn’t forget about the family promotion that’s coming up next month!!!  ALL families will be eligible (even if you’ve had a session with me before).  I will have three judges determine the super cool winning family (no names will be involved when determining a winner!) SO please hang in there another week to find out   I’m tryin SO hard to finish all of my Florida sessions before I take on new projects and I want this family thing to be TONS of fun. 

:::JAX peeps:::  I’m working round the clock on your awesome pics!  🙂     {mwah!}

Have one lovely Wednesday!  ~m

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Can you really put a price on photography?

What is it worth?  to you?  to me?  to Grandma? 

It’s impossible to know.

All I know is that when I look back at the images of my children from 3 years ago, 2 years ago, 1 year ago, or even yesterday, I think to myself…”Sheesh…they’re growing up sooo quickly.”  I love being able to capture their every move, milestone, favorite something-or-other.  I love having a constant record of their lives.

BUT, when someone else can capture them for me, it’s different.  A lovely kind of different.  Someone else has a different eye, different artsy approach, different view of their cute spots. 

So, when Jen, her hubby Trev, and my pal Jess came out to visit last month, Jen started snapping pics as soon as Peachie brought out the Play-Doh.  When Peach wanted to pretend it was her birthday (she was making Play-Doh cakes with Trev) and wanted REAL lit candles, I happily obliged because it was a special treat.

It felt REALLY nice, at this particular moment, not to have my camera out.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE taking pics, but I just watched Jen do her thing and knew that I’d be receiving some phenomenal pics in a couple weeks.

Yesterday when I was doing my nightly blog surfing, I clicked on her blog and I was SOOO thrilled, and flattered that she’d do a post on my kiddos.  LOVED it. 

So thanks, Jen, for capturing my cuties.  You know I love your style.  Thanks for giving me permission to snag this storyboard, too!  🙂

My point of alllll this above is…it’s nice to take a bit of a break and have others take some pics of your kids (even if they’re not professional photographers).  Whether they try to or not, they will have a different perspective than you will, so sit back and enjoy what is taking place!  It’s SO NICE to see the world through someone else’s eyes and there’s nothing better than pictures of your loved ones. 

OR…if you want…you can always have a professional photographer take pics of your kiddos and/or family.  That’s always fun, too.  🙂  For some parents, it’s hard getting over the initial — “Oh, man…I don’t want MY picture taken,” but it’s soooo fun to look back at those images and remember those fun times.  Plus, photographing a family is FUN!  🙂  Photographing KIDS is fun!!!

{I totally got sidetracked.}

Anyway, if you’d like, hop on over to Jen’s blog to check out the rest of my kiddo pics!!!  She’s super sweet and has some incredible stuff on there.  🙂 

Oh, and to sum it all up…Jen’s pics are priceless to me.  Really.  They’re perfect.  They’re my kids being themselves–happy, playful, cute.  Those candid moments that I want to remember forever.  I’m so thankful she was able to capture that time for me.

Thanks, girl.  {mwah!}     ~m

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Yeeee Haw!

Peach FLIPPED when we got a special invite to ride some horsies over the weekend.  I’ve been in crazy editing mode since my FL trip, so not only did she want to ride horses with one of her very best friends (T), she was going to get out of the house!!!  🙂

So we headed up Highway 17 for what seemed like FOREVER, took a couple turns onto some dirt roads, and then we arrived at a ranch FULL of horsies (and lots of dogs that greeted us with wet noses upon arrival). 

T’s grandma and grandpa were hard at work hoisting kid’s saddles upon their gorgeous horses.  Peach couldn’t stop asking when they were going to ride (just like in the car she couldn’t stop asking if we were almost there).  Ahhhhh!!!  I just have to smile at her because she’s SO curiously cute.  🙂

Once the child saddles were on and the helmets were chosen, the two kids got on their horses and were walked around an arena.   They were grinning from ear to ear!!!


^ Peach’s friend T

^Bro and sis — little C was not putting up with standing around and watching her brother ride a horse.  She eventually got a ride too, with grandpa’s help!

^ Peach riding

Fella liked watching for the first couple minutes and then he was off exploring the grounds.  He found a tractor, golf cart, water truck, and lots of rocks and ants!

 In my ear, I can hear the sound he’s making with his lips.  🙂  He could have sat here alllll day.  Food persuaded him to leave his seat after a while. 

We had SOOO much fun.  If you’re reading, L and C (and J too!), thank you SO much for having us.  Can’t wait until our photo shoot!  🙂   ~m

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Sooooooooooo cute!!!  He looks like a little Gerber baby.  🙂

Look who arrived recently!  This little guy had his first photo shoot while he was in his momma’s belly, so he was an old pro.  🙂 

Since he’s been born, he’s already moved houses, can you believe that? 

He is the most talkative newborn I’ve ever met!  He grunted, squeaked and gurgled throughout the session…loved it!

He has an older brother who can’t wait to see him every morning.

And a dad and mom who love him to pieces.  Mom loves to soak up every inch of him.   Seriously, I have so many pictures of the two of them that make my heart melt.  It’s so sweet.  🙂  More of those later…

Thank you SO much for having me today, G!  I had a great time getting to know you and your *perfect* little lad a little better.  🙂  ~m

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Where are the pics?

Loooong night of technical difficulties…

For some reasons my pics aren’t posting…had some SUPER cute ones, too. 

Gonna get to the bottom of this for sure!


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Little G LOVES bubbles (like 1,000 times a DAY loves bubbles!!!), so what’s the first thing he asks for when his parents greet him at his crib in the morning???  Bubbles! 

On this particular morning, I saw G armed with his morning sippy cup of milk with eyes looking like he was on a mission.   He toddled to the back patio, where his chubby 1 1/2 inch finger pressed the “on” button to his bubble machine.  The bubbles immediately started pouring out and this guy was beyond thrilled.  Oh, to be a kid again!  🙂

It was SO much fun getting to stay at my pal Claire’s house while in Florida.  We had so much fun together even though we were both pretty darn busy.  One morning, she went with her hubby to pick up something down the road and I had the pleasure of being alone with their cuter-than-cute son.  On the porch.  With the bubbles.

^ He wasn’t too sure about me at first  and then soon forgot about the stranger with the camera.

So, yeah, I had some competition for his attention, but I didn’t mind.  I just love kids doing their own thing.  Fortunately, he was interested in my big lens and we got some great shots of him looking at me with those gorgeous blues of his.  🙂

So here’s a peek into a typical morning with G.  



^ Sippy cup with milk. 

Fresh Air. 

Florida Sunshine.

Oh…and the Bubbles. 

I only wish I could have captured the hanging out on mom and dad’s bed and the showering of kisses this guy receives, but HEY…I’ll be back to capture that. 

Oh, and for some less colorful shots from our little 4-minute mini session…

 ^ I think this one just might be my fav.  🙂

Miss you guys and hope you LOVE this little surprise of pics.   ~m

[Thanks to everyone else that stopped by today!]

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Meet Steve.

He’s an all around great guy who got the most AWESOME, fun, incredible, super-sweet news about a month ago…he’s been hired to write music for Oprah!!!  What an incredible opportunity for a young and talented musician and composer. 

Not only is he a super talented musician (besides composing, he plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards) but he’s kind, funny, AND he’s been in martial arts for EIGHTEEN whopping years.  So, definitely multi-talented, I’d say.  I just love knowing individuals with passion flowing into so many different areas and GUESS WHAT…he’s going to compose some music for MOI!

I’m flippin’ excited.  🙂

So, the music company that he gets his deals through is doing web and printed articles about him and they needed a headshot. 

I think he looks fab.  🙂  Anyone have a preference?  Which one should he send them???

^ 1

^ 2

^ 3

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!  ~m

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