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^ Check out that MOSS on the trees!  Lovin’ it!  🙂

Howdee from Jacksonville, Florida, where we lived for two years (about 3 years ago).  We were here just long enough to make some great friends and over the next couple days it’ll be great to hang out with some awesome peeps!!!

Today, I had a photo shoot for a massage business called MassageFIRST & tomorrow, a beach family shoot, headshot shoot, AND a maternity beach photo session.  I am EXCITED!

I truly forgot how beautiful it is here!  All the green is just gorgeous, and the way the light shines on the waterways is just stunning.  My eyeballs are HUGE!!!

Tonight, after our plans changed due to a 4 inch nail in a tire (yipes…thankfully, everything worked out), we got take out from a TOTAL Jacksonville hole in the wall.  Beach Road Chicken.  Oh man…fun (quite an experience), delicious and home cookin’ at its best. 


Here’s my lovely friend C!  Alllll excited about our dinner…  You’ll see more of her (and her fam) tomorrow!

Thanks, by the way, for all the vacations wishes.  I SO appreciate your comments.  {mwah!!!}   ~m

Oh, and Happy Bday to my dear friend, Jules.  🙂  We’ll celebrate this MILESTONE soon, when we’re both home, girl! 

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Well, it’s almost time to leave for our big FL trip.  SOOO much to do still…this MIGHT be my first all nighter since college.  Not good. 

I already miss the kiddos.    How do you even begin to explain to your little guy that you’re gonna be gone for a while?  😦  Peach seems to understand.  She’s excited we’ll be sending postcards and bringing her back a little somethin’ somethin.’

Took some pics of mine today with my new 50mm.  Just couldn’t resist.  Haven’t posted on the kiddos in a while, so I thought it would be fun.  Plus, when I’m missing them, I can just glance here and get a quick fill of cuteness. 

^ HER.  My little Peach.  {window light}

^ HIM.  My sweet little buddy.   {outside}

I’ll try and post while I’m away!!! Might get wrapped up and chatty with my pal Claire though — we can gab forEVER! 

Images for sure on Sat evening (Sun morning for you!) showcasing some of my FL sessions.   After all the talk about where we should go, hubs and I are doing our own thing with friends the first couple nights and then staying at a posh resort near Jax.  Oh-la-la!  🙂  Yessssss!  Sandy beaches and relaxing facial/massage here I come!   ~m


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