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Well…..I’m here…but just for a minute.  I had 7 photo shoots over the weekend — they were all so incredibly fun and different.  I’m loving the changes here — weather, textures, colors (tons-o-green), WATER!!!, people.  I was able to see (and photograph) a performance of a vocal group I used to be in, the Orange Park Chorale Ensemble.   It was nice visiting with old friends…and new ones. 

Today — a day off.  I woke hearing the ocean outside our window and it was so lovely to just open our balcony door and watch the waves crash.  Ahhh…living on the beach (at least for the couple days we’re here) has been wonderful.  Today, we relaxed on the balcony & took some beach walks (on the hunt for seashells for the kiddos). 

We’ve loved dining at some of our old favorite restaurants, too!

Tomorrow….a TOTAL day of relaxation.  Massages and then more pampering for me (facial, mani and pedi with my great pal, C) while hubs goes to a dude flick (Iron Man).  I swear, it’s been forever since I’ve had any sort of fancy stuff like this! 


Then, we come home.

We’ve missed the pumpkins like crazy…have spoken with them quite a bit, which makes me miss them even more…

It’s been nice, but getting back into the swing of things at home will be great, too!  I promise I’ll be a good blogger when I return.  I have SOOOO many images to show…it’s so exciting. 

Annnnnd there’s going to be a small change to my logo (fun!) & some price restructuring (not so fun!)…so stay tuned.  🙂 

Thanks for all your sweet comments.  🙂    ~m

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beachy love

My pal C and her incredible family.  They are oozing sooo much love for this little guy.  {C threw me a baby shower for Peach waaaay back in the day.}  It’s so wonderful to see her as a mommy now.  🙂  I’ve had SO much fun catching up.   ~m

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