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Meet the wonderfully gorgeous and amazing Dr. Carole Clifford.  I don’t usually use names on this blog, but figured she’d be Google-able anyway after I mentioned the name of my former choir, the Orange Park Chorale. 

When my husband and I discussed moving to Florida in 2002, the first thing I did online was find a group to sing with.  For me, music is an incredible release, and I’ve always been able to meet others easily with this outlet.  So, sure enough, when we went house hunting in Jacksonville, I also had an audition with Carole.  Right off the bat, I knew we’d be a great fit.  She just has this glowing personality (and extensive vocal experience and knowledge, which I was SUPER impressed by) and made me feel incredibly comfortable. 

I sang in two groups under her direction, the Orange Park Chorale, and the smaller, more select Ensemble.  She was my director, then voice teacher, then friend.  She even filled in the role of “mom” since mine was so far away.  I traveled out of state with her and numerous students, for regional voice competitions and her smiling face even showed up in the hospital room, no less than 24 hours after little Peach was born.  

Carole is a true gem.  She knows how to encourage singers, and individuals in general, to be the best they can be, and I am a better person (and vocalist!), having knowing her.  She’s an encouraging, positive, and patient teacher.  She’s the type of person who commands a room and is friends with everyone.  🙂

When Carole saw my website last year, she sent me an email about doing a photo shoot for her and her hubby (and cats–a post is coming about them later!).  I was incredibly flattered, and one thing let to another and we made it happen.  And I’m sooo glad!!!

So, here she is with her hubby of almost 36 years!  They are SO adorable together.  I’ve always enjoyed being with the two of them because they are a great example of love and support — I’ve never been to a concert where her husband has not been present.   Anyway, you get my drift.  They ooze love in a super cute sort of way.  🙂 

^  See what I mean???  LOVE this one.

^  CUTE.  

^ They have a ginormous, lush backyard, where her hubby loves to garden and relax, so it was fitting we got some pics back there. 

Miss you already!  And thanks for everything, C!    Can’t wait to show you the rest.  🙂  ~m

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