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Meet M. 

SUPER awesome fella.  Wanna hear something cool?  He wanted some new “skinny” pics because he just lost 60+ pounds!!!  I am so proud of him and he looks soooo fantabulous.  He acts like it too, which is just as wonderful.  🙂

^  HOTNESS!!!  🙂  Horizontal stripes are a first for him.  Wahooo!!!

When we lived in Jax several years ago, I had the pleasure of singing with M in choir.  We also competed in a vocal competition and had the opportunity to bond on one loooong drive.  He REALLY reminds me of one of my best pals from high school — serious, MEGA-intelligent, passionate, driven, and just plain cool.  🙂  He not only sings (wonderfully!), but has won numerous awards throughout Jacksonville for his theatre direction and performances.  His real job is teaching math (the HARD stuff–used to be science) to high school students.  Ummm yeah…he’s a busy and talented guy. 

It was funny because as we were walking through Riverside Park, I made some remark about not liking math and he was REALLY quick to tell me that I just didn’t have the right teacher(s).  Ya know…he’s TOTALLY right.  I know I’m scarred from one particular high school algebra teacher…still gives me the willies just thinking about her.  ***I know M’s making a difference in the lives of the students he comes into contact with, and that is priceless.

When I asked M where we should do his photo shoot, I mentioned some choices (urban, park, by the water, etc) and he immediately chose urban.  Wanna know why???  He’s said that urban was the LEAST like him and he wanted to try something different.  I LOVE that about him.  I LOVE that he let me do my thing and put that trust into me.  Even though I got some dreadful looks (when I asked him to sit in some pretty narsty weeds in the alley) he did it with a smile.  Told you he was cool. 

Anyway, M is great.  We (or at least I!!!) had fun roaming around alleyways and the streets of 5 Points on a glorious Jacksonville evening.   

^ LOVE this (even though he told me he’d never be just chillin’ on the ground!)  🙂  I think he looks so handsome, calm and SLIM! 

^ Check out the reflection.  🙂

M–hope you enjoy!  You’ve worked so hard for this…tons more awesome images to come.  ~m


–Coming soon–

Collections for clients (reduced prices if you buy items together!)

Blog promotion for a super creative family — stay tuned!

Couples session (in a parking garage at NIGHT!!!) So different for me.  🙂

Images from my most recent workshop (including newborn twins!)

More from the beachy maternity session

More from the beachy family session

Photographing Cats (my most recent experience)

^ That’s a looong list!  ^

Remember I talked about my prices going up???  That’s going to happen soon (end of the month)…get booked now if you’re thinking about it…even for the holidays…for the current rates! 

Thanks for stopping by & joining me on this journey!  Have a great day.  ~m

HAPPY Mom’s DAY to all you moms out there

(and soon to be momma’s too)!  What a fun day.  🙂


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