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So, I’m chatting with my pal JB on the phone and all of a sudden I realize I haven’t heard from Peach in a couple minutes.  I peek around the corner and Peach is looking VERY busy AND regal (and hilarious).  I’m thinkin’ Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Molly Ringwald meets a stylin’ fairy???

She had FULLY raided her dress up trunks (she has three) and found some *great* stuff to wear.  See her putting a tutu and crown on her giraffe?  🙂


>Her chosen dress up items<

*fluffy tutu

*rockin’ skeleton leggings

^ high heels (complete WITH hot pink and fur)


*foxy pastel angel wings (which, I think, make the outfit!)

*sparkly beaded crown (She would say “Farkley Crown”)   🙂

She was lookin H.O.T. — HOT!

I had to bite my lip because she was SO serious about her little outfit and proceeded to dress everyone (and everyTHING) else up. 


^ Both dogs were part of the fiesta (along with Mr. Giraffe and a willing stuffed frog).

^ She even tried to get heels on Fella — didn’t happen.

Guess what happened later on…

BRIGHT red lipstick all over her lips…and other random parts of her face.  Little sneak went right into the bathroom, applied, and then came out as if nothing had changed.  Scared her momma for sure!  🙂


It’s SO much fun to watch her little imagination run wild — I can totally deal with a little lipstick sneakage every now and then as long as I get the cute moments, too.   I have a feeling I’m in for a lot of both!!! 

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