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Yeeee Haw!

Peach FLIPPED when we got a special invite to ride some horsies over the weekend.  I’ve been in crazy editing mode since my FL trip, so not only did she want to ride horses with one of her very best friends (T), she was going to get out of the house!!!  🙂

So we headed up Highway 17 for what seemed like FOREVER, took a couple turns onto some dirt roads, and then we arrived at a ranch FULL of horsies (and lots of dogs that greeted us with wet noses upon arrival). 

T’s grandma and grandpa were hard at work hoisting kid’s saddles upon their gorgeous horses.  Peach couldn’t stop asking when they were going to ride (just like in the car she couldn’t stop asking if we were almost there).  Ahhhhh!!!  I just have to smile at her because she’s SO curiously cute.  🙂

Once the child saddles were on and the helmets were chosen, the two kids got on their horses and were walked around an arena.   They were grinning from ear to ear!!!


^ Peach’s friend T

^Bro and sis — little C was not putting up with standing around and watching her brother ride a horse.  She eventually got a ride too, with grandpa’s help!

^ Peach riding

Fella liked watching for the first couple minutes and then he was off exploring the grounds.  He found a tractor, golf cart, water truck, and lots of rocks and ants!

 In my ear, I can hear the sound he’s making with his lips.  🙂  He could have sat here alllll day.  Food persuaded him to leave his seat after a while. 

We had SOOO much fun.  If you’re reading, L and C (and J too!), thank you SO much for having us.  Can’t wait until our photo shoot!  🙂   ~m

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