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{sweet}  The word that comes to mind when I think of this little cutie.  This 3-month-old was such a joy.  Every time she looked at me with those big brown eyes, I about melted!  She knew JUST what to do.  🙂

This little lady was born two months early and is doing incredibly well.  She’s SO strong!  AND totally adorable. 

^  Ahhh…the innocence and beauty of a sleeping baby.    She was able to get a few “Zzzs” in. 

 ^ So many things I love about this image.  How the parents frame her.  How happy and in love everyone is.  

 When I asked them to just “love on her” a bit for some photos, this was my first picture out of the bunch.  They obviously knew what I meant.  🙂

Grandma worked her magic getting the little princess asleep.  Amazingly, it only took a couple minutes (those Grandmas have tricks, I tell ya!).   I love the peace and old-fashioned look of this image.

M–you already know this, but today was awesome.  It was so relaxing and fun.  You and your family were an absolute pleasure.  Can’t wait to see you for M’s 6 months pics and maybe before that!  Thanks a bunch for your super sweet comment yesterday.  🙂

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