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Gonna have to keep you in suspense ONE MORE DAY for Peach’s recital pics.  She did great, even though she was a bit nervous.  🙂  Oh…and wait till you see her costume… neon, polka dots, tutu, backless, rhinestones…woooo weeeee!  Do you have a pretty vivid picture in your mind???


In the meantime…here are a couple more that stood out from this session   (just finished up the editing! yessss!)…can’t wait to meet with you, M, to show you the rest of your little princess.  🙂

^ I love how she just looks right through you in this pic.  I like how her pettiskirt (yes, I have a NEWBORN one!!!) dresses the image up a bit.

^ Her eyes look like gorgeous little mirrors.  The lighting was perfect here.  🙂

^ And a fun one through her bassinet.  Soooo peaceful and perfect.

Have a great day and Happy Dad’s Day to all the fathers out there!  Anyone doing anything fun?  Peach and I are having a cookie baking fest (special request for chocolate chip with toffee bits) and hubby is going to go play in the morning (he shoots skeet competitively)…then some swimming and dinner with the folks.  Should be a swell day.   Recital pics manana.   ~m

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