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My little guy went from the baby nickname “Peloncito” (little bald guy) to lately having quite an unruly 20 months of mullet fuzz in the back, so it was definitely TIME to get that puppy trimmed.  I have to admit, it was a big step seeing my little dude in the hair chair (the first of MANY for little Fella, I’m sure).  It was definitely a rite of passage into boyhood. 

{this is how he looked pretty much the whole time!!!}


I guess I needed to come to terms with his growing up.  He told me today during his breakfast, that one of his blueberries was “gross” (just held it up and said “gross”) AND has been going potty in the big boy seat (thanks to the encouragement of his sis because SHE wants a Jelly Belly), which has been quite the experience, too.   

He LOVES trains (more than one can love anything, it seems!!!) and constantly wants to read train books, chug his trains across his many sets of tracks or anyone’s appendages, and tell me what color each engine is. 

We’re starting to have real conversations with him (with his one to two word communicating)…his sis is REALLY playing with him.  It’s fun.  BUT then you just want moments like growing up to freeze sometimes… 

I guess that’s why I’m a photographer…I just can’t seem to let go. 

This way, I don’t have to.  🙂

I miss is baby-ness, but LOVE watching him blossom from a baby-faced mullet-toting toddler, to a short-haired, snazzy little guy. 

Thanks for taking this little trip with me today.  🙂 AND hip-hip to Fella for being so darn brave with the buzzers and such!!!   ~m

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