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This wee one has overcome SO much in her short lifetime.  [I am constantly amazed at the resilience of babies.]  She has such a cute little laid back personality and is doing GREAT!!!  🙂


It was wonderful to see her and her family SO happy and healthy…the last time we got together for pics was when she was still in her momma’s belly!  Check out the snazzy maternity photos here. 

Mom always has great ideas all cooked up for me, so we had a lot to do!  I love it when parents have ideas–family blankets or clothes to include, chairs, beds, etc.  It keeps me on my toes and they can really personalize their photo shoot! 

It was an absolute pleasure, C and R, to see you and your family again (and a special appearance by sister S and her hubby!).  I always feel so welcome when I’m with all of you.  🙂  

Oh, and one special pic of the sweet sisters. 

AND…I just HAD to include this one below because S looks SOOOO darn cute!  It’s one of my new favs for sure.  🙂

Have one wonderful day!!!  ~m

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