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Gotta love baby feet.  🙂

Have a great day.   ~m

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Had an awesome day.

Peachie woke up to some colorful balloons (thanks to daddy + a great idea by Julie B).

Baked a cake with the kiddos.

Played.  Read books.  Watched a little Annie.

Mini photo shoot with my little big 4-year-old.


Fam came over for dinner, presents & cake .  Ahhh…the cake pic.

One of my most fav. pics.  Ever.  🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by.   ~m

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More cuteness from courtneycourtney at etsy.   It’s been a couple weeks and Peach still LOVES these cozy dresses.  🙂

I got an email from Courtney today and she’s the featured seller on etsy!  How fun is that!!!????!!!   She even has some long sleeved dresses in stock for the fall/winter.  Love it.  Isn’t it awesome that my kiddo can PLAY in these clothes?  And check out how unique these three dresses are!

So, today my little lady is FOUR YEARS OLD!  Yipes.  I still remember the first second I heard her little cry.  Oh, how our lives changed in such a fantabulous, amazing way.

Happy Birthday Peachie-Pie.  I love you!  🙂

Pics from some family bday festivities tomorrow.  The big fiesta is this weekend.  Wahooo!!!  🙂

Have an incredible day (I know two little 4-year-olds that will–Happy Bday to TB, too!).    ~m

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Oooh. The perfect title cause it’s TRUE!!! 

Meet T.  T and Peach (my daughter, if you’re new to the blog!) are best of friends.  They were born on the very same day, too, which is always fun.  She always has a friend to celebrate her birthday with! 

Their birthday is just a couple days away, so we had a little photo shoot for this ALMOST 4-year-old. 

He’s silly, he’s smart (TONS of insect and dinosaur facts!), and loves to have a good time. 

He has the cutest, high-pitched dolphin laugh, too, sometimes.  Can’t you just hear it in the picture below?  I can’t remember what we were taking about, but it must have been hilarious!  🙂

We had LOTS of fun!  Here are a couple to choose from, J–I love all these little glimpses of him!  🙂      ~m

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He is as sweet as his eyes say he is.  🙂

Have a super rest of your weekend.  ~m

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Doot-de-dooo….cute little guy minding his own business playing on the front patio with his water table.

Heard something…

Hmmm…where’s that coming from?!

THERE!  There’s that airplane!!!  🙂

Gotta love the curiosity of a kid.  I love that he will stop in his tracks for any noise that’s out of the ordinary — especially loud and rumbly noises (trucks, planes, trains).  All boy — such a difference from Peach.  🙂

Have a good weekend!  ~m

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Hey hey!  I’ve received several emails and bloggity questions regarding the underwater digi cam that I used for the pics a couple days ago…SO, I looked up all the info for ya.  🙂  First I started here.  I did a search for waterproof cameras and just settled on this page.  From there, I went to amazon and checked out some options.  I wasn’t picky because I wasn’t going to spend much.

I ended up spending $135 for this Intova, a 6 mega-pixel point and shoot camera (WITH optical zoom!) that includes the underwater housing.  The reviews were fine.  The price was right.  🙂

Is it easy?  Nope!  It’s pretty much a pain (not easy to work + a 3 second or more delay), BUT with a little luck and practice, I think we’ll end up being friends.   The battery life isn’t so hot.  The screen is impossible to see with the bright sun (and forget it underwater!!!) BUT I really don’t mind.  I’m getting exactly what I wanted — pics of my kiddos swimming — and it’s fun to do something new.

Took the cam out again today to my mom’s pool — it’s MUCH more sparkly than ours AND I had some help with the kiddos (smart move!) because Fella thinks he can swim now and just GOES and goes and jumps and swims without even caring if anyone is nearby.  Good thing Peachy is 100% on her own and confident in the water!

Oooh…if you get a waterproof cam, let me know.  Send me a pic or two.  Have fun!

I love my happy little swimmers.  🙂  ~m

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I am SO excited to share that I was accepted to be a part of a national organization called “Celebrating Adoption.”   Giving back to my community is incredibly important to me — Celebrating Adoption connects photographers with families that have opened their hearts and homes to newly adopted children — what an incredible opportunity!

If you have adopted a child within the last year, or know of someone who has, I would be honored to schedule a complimentary session for your/their family (other perks come with this, too!!!).

Adoption is incredibly dear to my heart, as I have had students, great friends, as well as family that were adopted or chose to adopt.  I’ve seen so many lives change in such an amazing way and would love to be a small part of this experience.  I don’t think I can put into words how this opportunity feels — my intent is to capture the emotion, excitement, personality, everything, so that families can remember this exciting first year.

Please send me an email if you’re interested == maggie@maggiemcdonaldphotography.com   Oh, and I book several weeks to a month in advance and can only schedule a certain number of sessions per month, so get those calendars out.  🙂  I’m EXCITED!!!

Please check out www.celebratingadoption.org (if you’re interested) and have one super day!


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GUESS WHAT my new toy is???!!!


a super cheap-o rinky dink underwater camera. 

it’s JUST PERFECT for me and my little photo experiments shoots with my kiddos. 

we had lots ot fun, but let me tell you…just trying to watch these hooligans in the pool is hard enough, but to take pics of them too was CRAZY! 

I have a little crazy in me, so it ended up being pretty fun.  🙂 

^ I think this last one (of his kicking feet, lobster trunks, and bazillion bubbles) looks totally funky/different. 

I’m off to bed EARLY ( I still won’t tell what time that is!!!).  Have a fun day.  ~m

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I got a phone call yesterday from a friend — Amy Milliron.  A friend I met several years ago when both of our little kiddos had swim lessons together.  Each week we’d chat about everything under the sun…what we did that week, what we were planning on doing, favorite this, favorite that…  Over time, we came to find out that we had very similar backgrounds — we both taught public school for several years (and were passionate about it!), were both stay-at-home moms, there was a long list…

Anyway, Amy has some VERY exciting news to share and I got to be part of the beginning stages today!

She has announced her campaign for a seat on the Kyrene School District No. 28 Governing Board for the November 4, 2008 General Election (wahooooo!).

Honestly, the first thing I did when she told me was smile.  Her background as a teacher, mother, and someone who truly fights for what she believes in (another story there–just google her name and you’ll see how she has changed laws in various East Valley cities in regards to breastfeeding) just seems like the perfect fit.

Soooooo…here are some images for her campaign!  We had lots of fun today (and have lots to choose from).  🙂

Amy recently started a website, www.amymilliron.com, so stop by if you’d like!  I can’t wait to see where Amy goes with this — she is truly explosive in everything she does (as in WOW…she makes a difference)!   She needs lots of signatures and other campaign related assistance, so if you’re willing, stop by and see how you can help.

Have one SUPER day.  ~m

ETA: two more to choose from!


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