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Let’s just say we’re going through some “bloggity renovations.”   🙂  Don’t really know what’s going on with my crazy blog.  My header disappeared…my theme changed…the text is bonkers…hopefully everything will be back to normal [and even BETTER] soon. 

Anyway … ONTO an image (that’s what we’re all here for, right?)

My pal J’s hubby is in the Navy.  He’s been away for quite some time (I just cannot imagine!) and he’s coming home next week.  <–that’s the GREAT news.  The tough news is that after several days, he will be going to Iraq for a loooong while.  I know they will have one awesome reunion, but it will be bittersweet because he’ll have to leave so soon…


THIS pic is to get J excited!  Their love is so pure, sweet, lovey-dovey…my pal Jess and I had an awesome time taking pics of them.  Especially a night shoot that we did…more to come next week from that. 


 I’ll be thinking of you two…{mwah}!


And for those wondering… I took this with my long (70-200) lens  (“the Donkey”) through a big plant on a balcony.  🙂    It’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on with the plant and the textures–definitely a fun[ky] and different picture for me!  I’m just loving playing with texture these days. 


Have a super day!  ~m

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