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^ Taking a swimming break.  🙂  Definitely happy!  [Picture smaller in below storyboard, but I just HAD to show it large.] 

^ THIS is going in his room. I’ve been waiting for the right picture to come along.  🙂

^ Contemplating a jump.  This image is so him!

My next photography purchase has a LOT to do with the water…can’t wait to share. 

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THINKING AHEAD — I booked three fall sessions on Wednesday alone, so if you’re thinking about getting family, maternity, newborn, or baby/child photos done, give me a call (or email) and we’ll chat.    Many are booking September, October and November sessions for holiday images/cards .  I’m definitely setting limits on sessions during the fall, so get them while they’re hot!  🙂

I’m contemplating a mini-session day, so stay tuned for that.  More holiday details coming in the next couple weeks!

Hubs and I are in TUCSON this weekend.  Took a last minute vay-cay-cay up here…the parentals offered a night away and CHAAAAA…we took them up on it.  Despite an awful migraine mid-day, the trip has been awesome.  Nap, movie, dinner…super relaxing & just what the doctor ordered!  🙂  THANKS mom & dad!

Hope your day is fab!  ~m

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Had fun at my parent’s pool today.  Uncle P even swam with the kids — they though that was AWESOME!

This storyboard says “fearless at 21 months.”  This wasn’t always the case!  In fact, just yesterday at home, is when he really started swimming and jumping in by himself — it took him a while (several weeks in the pool) to warm up to swimming.  I think having a daredevil sister is a HUGE factor here!!!  🙂

Now all he wants to do is jump in!!!

Have an incredible weekend!  ~m

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