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Can’t ya just HEAR him saying that???  (giving the conductor his ticket!!!)

Our little Fella has a major train obsession.  It’s adorable.  He loves to put tracks together and run his trains along…talking about their various colors and names (mostly the “Thomas” variety).  I’ve been meaning to take him to the McCormick Train Park, but since it’s been SOOO darn hot out, I thought we’d wait…WELL…the weather was overcast and coolER today (unfortonately humid due to the recent storms though). 

I SWEAR they were excited!!!  🙂  HAd to put this one in because it TOTALLY cracks me up.  I think they look soo much alike (I think the heat is putting them under its spell)

Can’t forget THIS important detail.  Notice the mini-train in his hand.  He has to have one at all times.  :()

^ Waiting the second time around…you can’t go to the train park and go just ONCE!!!   🙂

Had an awesome morning/afternoon with the kiddos!  I’m so glad I was finally able to take Fella there!!!  🙂  MORE train park pics TOMORROW…including a couple in the TUNNEL!!! 

Have a lovely day!


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