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I had a chat with a photographer pal today.  We talked about the corn field images from yesterday and our discussion rolled into post-processing.  We both decided that, while fun and appropriate, the more vintage-y look from yesterday wasn’t really “me.”  Don’t get me wrong…I love that vintage look and trying new things…but while I was editing some more this evening, I decided to edit these “my style.”  More color pop.  🙂  I DO like both. 

At 7pm, the sun was STILL pretty harsh behind the kiddos, so I like what the vintage action did with softening.  It did take away the clarity that I usually go for, however, so I didn’t so much like that part.  DO you have a preference???  🙂  They’re really two VERY different looks. 


 ^  SO them.  Having a discussion about nature.  🙂I love the candid feel of these images.  Just the kiddos havin’ fun + Peach being a little bossy.  🙂

HEY…thanks for stopping by!  ~m

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