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Had a mini session today with M & B.  My pals Jen, Jess and I all photographed these two, which was a great learning experience & an all-around great time.  Ahhh…the locations in Bellingham were just amazing.  The weather was too — I’m going to have to visit again soon.  🙂

This couple was SO much fun and obviously completely adorable inside and out.

Thanks SO MUCH for workin’ it, you two!!!  More fun pics to come later!

Have a super day.  🙂   ~m

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So, yesterday Jen and I spent the whole day with Shannon Sewell for a two-on-one mentoring session in Portland.  I can’t wait to put all the things I learned to use in a way that fits me and my style!  🙂   My brain still feels like it’s about to burst!

We photographed a stylin’ family, which was awesome (especially in preparation for the holiday mini-sessions happening soon!).   AND there was a super special surprise guest…WRECKLESS GIRL!!!!  I was thrilled because I’ve been following her blog for a long while.  Her style is just so unique and always inspirational.

^ Shannon in action!  🙂

^ Kristy (AKA Wreckless Girl) guitarrin’ it with a yard flamingo  🙂

Both photographers we met with have so much to offer are are extremely humble about their art.  Thank you, ladies, for taking the time to share a little of how you do things with US!

Couple more pics of these kiddos…

^  CUTE little guy

^ Super sweet big bro

I fly back home tomorrow BUT before that we’re having breakfast with our pal Jess AND a then another fab photo shoot! Woo hoo!  Gorgeous Manda will make her bloggity debut!  🙂

I can’t belive my trip’s over so soon.  I miss my family like CRAZY, so that will be just lovely.  I’ll definitely miss my GIRL JEN though!  We’ve spent so much time “talking shop” & sharing our little “secrets” with each other.

Have a super day.  ~m

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^  Oops!   🙂

^ Nothing’s better than a genuine kid laugh or smile.

Just thought I’d post some images from the big bro in the family of eight I photographed in Cali.  What a handsome lad!  🙂

Having SUCH a fun time in Portland.  Had our mentoring session today (woo hoooo–lots more about that & pics tomorrow).  It didn’t stop there though—dinner with a pal from AZ that relocated to Portland, sat by a fire pit WITH E’s guitar tonight (soooo relaxing), and I tried to edit some pics, but my brain just cannot go on without sleep!

SO much to tell & show!!!

Tomorrow…wake late, photo shoot around our hotel + with a musician at and near the fun[ky] old train station (love it!).  Train to Bellingham.  🙂

Have a super day!  ~m

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Havin’ fun in Portland!  Here’s Jen and me at our uber chic hotel, Hotel Modera.  It is SOOOO fabulously ‘Euro-simple’.  Wait till you see pics!

Took a car (of course!), airplane to Bellingham, bus to Seattle, train to Portland, and cab to our hotel today.  WHOOOO.  Ate at a greasy pub (the good kind) tonight and are getting ready for bed.  Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the “going away” kind words.  🙂  Can’t WAIT for tomorrow.  Have a super day.  ~m

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What a beautiful young lady.  🙂  ~m

{check out another post below this…}

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Well folks, I am off to Washington and Oregon, where I’ll be mentored by THE Shannon Sewell.  Woo hoo!  I look forward to coming home with lots of extra fun tricks up my sleeve.  I am SO thrilled!  I will be taking FOUR modes of transportation over a of six-twelve hour time span…definitely a first for me.  Anyone want to guess what they are???   🙂

I’ll try to at least put a pic up a day, but we’re (Jen and I) going to be busy!  Mentoring, several photo shoots, meeting friends along the way! 

Adios!  ~m

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Loved your email guesses.  🙂

Look at this curious eye!!!

…..So, we got two Betas and a little 2.5 gallon tank for Peach’s room (but it didn’t start out that way)!!!  🙂

We originally went to the pet store because Peach received some $ from her great-grandma for her birthday.  She had been asking for a hamster for a long while & when I saw her with her cousin’s pets (hamster and guinea pig), her loving nature was just SO apparent and she just glowed holding their pets.  She’s a responsible kid and loves taking care of the pets we have at home, so we figured it was time.

Well Pet store #1 only had dwarf hamsters.  The salesman tried to discourage us from hamsters in general (and promote rats or guines) because apparently, hamsters bite!!!  I grew up with tons of friends with hamsters and never remember a crazy biting one! He sent us to find a more docile breed at another store.

So, we ended up heading to Pet store #2.  The salesman there also strongly discouraged us from hamsters, too (even the teddy bear one, which we came to see)!  He kept trying to get one out of the cage and saying “Ow”  “oooh”  “ouch” being overly dramatic so that we would be scared off.  We were.  There was NO WAY, I wanted some crazed rodent around here biting my kiddo!

When we tried to talk about not getting a hamster, P’s eyes welled up with tears.  Hubs started motioning over to the birds and all I could think of was “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”  A bird at a home with a bird DOG???  Uh UH!!!

Even though we have fish at our home already, we asked P if she’d like her very own tank in her room.  She got really excited and loved choosing things to go in the tank.

White rocks, plastic shimmery shells, a castle, flower, a red/pink fish and a blue/purple fish.   I’d like to introduce you to La-La (above), short for Sha-la.

Her blue fish’s name is Lou-Lou, short for Blue-Lou.

Gotta love a creative, adorable 4-year-old.

Have one super day!  ~m

Oh, and the tank looks a little odd because there’s a divider in the middle because Betas love to fight!!!

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This young man just started playing football for the season.  Although he’s only had some grueling conditioning practices so far, he was thrilled to share some of his football-related items with me!

FIRST, we hung out with his football, jersey & dad (they threw some passes!).

THEN, we told some jokes…WELL, it was him telling me some doozies.  I remember B telling jokes ever since he was a little guy & they’re great!  🙂

Lastly, he posed for some stunning portraits.

Another “looker” in the B family of six.  His eyes!!!

Have a super day!  ~m

Oh…and info on our latest Petco purchase tomorrow.  🙂

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Remember I said I had a favorite pic from my session with that cute, cute little smiley guy last week?

I’ve had this cape for at least a year.  I had been waiting for the perfect little kiddo to wear it and be excited about it…and boy was he!  He ran around, fought trees with his lightsaber (more pics of that later) and just had fun being a boy.

Same in b/w with a little texture.

Haven’t quite found the exact way I want to edit the original yet.  These are just two possibilities.  That’s what’s so fun about post-processing (yup, I think it’s fun!)!  🙂  I feel like I’m always learning new tools and techniques and love that I feel like I grow as a person, and as a professional, during and after each photo session.

I’m getting so excited for my mentoring session and trip to Oregon/Washington next week.  Can’t wait to be a sponge!  🙂

Have a lovely day.  ~m

***Took Peach to the pet store today — she had some money to spend from her birthday.  Anyone want to guess what we came home with???????***

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Really, my memories of this beautiful, carefree, sweet young woman have to do with fresh blackberry birthday cakes.  My family spent many summers in Seattle when we were younger and C’s birthday just so happened to fall during our visits.  Her mom, an amazing cook, would always make these elaborate and delicious birthday treats (and meals, for that matter). What fun — we even picked the delicious fruit for her cakes!  🙂

I can’t believe that C is old enough (aren’t there some people that you remember as little 5 year olds?) to be embarking on her own journey…moving away from the beautiful state of Washington to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Los Angeles.

She wanted some headshots…I told her she needed to “work it” for some shots for me, too.  🙂  And BOY did we have fun!

Can’t wait to hear about your adventures, C!  Best of luck to you and thanks for choosing me for your headshots.  LOTS more!!!  {mwah!}

Have a spectacular weekend!   ~m

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