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Took my favorite little guy conductor to his favorite little train park for an ALMOST birthday photo shoot.  He asks for the train park at least once a day.  🙂

I put this hat on his head and it would literally be there for 2.5 seconds before he ripped it off.  Dang!

Thank goodness I’m pretty quick!  😉

It was one of those days where it felt like I didn’t get many pics (he was CRANky!!!) and then I found some winners when I got home and poured through the files.  In fact, I have lots and lots to choose from. Yipppeeee!  🙂

[NOTE to parents] Although sessions with me are ultra-relaxed and we let the kiddos do their thing (while taking pics) you can, at times, feel like I’m not getting any good pictures of your child.  That is SOOOO normal!  At that point, you just have to trust that I’ll do my thing and catch those in-between perfect moments that you can’t see from behind the lens.  Believe me, we’ll get some great stuff!  🙂  Can’t wait for all my upcoming sessions — looking forward to each and every one.

Have a great weekend!  ~m

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