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(in case you can’t see)

A — tag reads “pinned to our hearts”

B — tag reads “Adorable”

E — tag reads “hand wash only”

*     *     *    

Your options:

All text (including tags) is customizable (color and font).

All colors are customizable.

Artistic embellishments can be removed if that is your preference.

*     *     *    

Cards include envelopes and are printed on your choice of:

high quality photo paper

high quality art paper (linen or watercolor)

high quality pearl paper (metallic-like sheen)


::: One very important detail:::

Cards must be ordered in packages of 24 (same card)

*     *     *

{For a limted time, ALL types of cards are $2 each!}  Lovin’ it!!!  🙂

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{walkin with daddy-o}


*Experimenting with some VERY fun and funky new actions here!  🙂  I love changing up my typical photo post-processing and think that’s important to do to keep growing as a photographer. 

{up in lights} 

The look of shock on her face — looking out at the 1500 seat theatre (pretty full!!!)–pretty much stayed there the whole time.  It was hilarious watching these little ones sing “Baby Take a Bow” and tap their way through it, bumping into each other…doing the wrong moves…totally priceless.  Every single face in the audience was smiling for these cuties. 

Back to my own post-processing.  Look at that zing of color!!!  🙂  This 10×20 storyboard is getting mounted and hung in her room. 

All-in-all the dance weekend was a hit!  We drove past her dance school today and she said she wanted to go, so I know it was an overall good experience for her.   Hubs, “Uncle Phil,” and I went to her performance and she was really thrilled that we were all there.  It really was quite entertaining (you should have heard Phil cackling)!  At the end, she got a rose from her daddy and was beaming. 

Even though the costume was a little too flashy for my taste (whoa!) it made for some cuter-than-cute pics and even better memories.  Can’t wait to see what number she’ll be wearing next year (I can only handle the glitz once a year, I’ve decided!!!).  🙂   Hope you all had a super weekend.    ~m

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I love designing 10×20 storyboards for clients…It’s almost like putting puzzle pieces together.   It’s amazing how, by placing several images together, the series can create a completely different feeling, or final result, than the images would have conveyed by themselves. 

^ These two images really enhance each other and in my opinion, look more complete together than by themselves.   I like how the background seems extended and almost makes the image look panoramic. 

^ This series of images tells a story.  Shows an action.  Displays love.  🙂

^ This series, images taken over an entire session, shows interaction with this new little family member in different positions…these all reinforce the tenderness and LOVE that a new baby brings into a family.   

From these examples, I think there’s definitely power in numbers.  🙂  ~m

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A Peek Inside……………

  • Impressive: striking brown or black leather
  • Elegant, yet simple
  • Handcrafted
  • 8 x 10 in size
  • Displays 20-40 bordered, professionally printed 5x7s from your session
  • Includes a variety of color and/or black and white images
  • 2.5×2.5 opening for a cover image
  • Safe and long-lasting:  archival and acid-free materials used.  Comes in a fabric-lined presentation box, too!
  • EVERY edited image from your session is given to you  (if it’s not in an album for you, you’ll leave with it in your hands)
  • Smokin’ Deal for $400 (if you were to purchase all the 5x7s at the a la carte price there would be no comparison!)
  • Convenient:  it’s DONE for you so you can start showing it off as soon as it’s in your hands!  🙂

I had the pleasure of putting together a session album this weekend for one absolutely stunning newborn boy.  His mom told me via email that she cries every time she sees his slideshow (she wants to remember those times!) and that was my goal for his album, too.  I wanted to pull on her heart strings.  🙂  It’s SO touching and amazing when images move people.  I just LOVE that part about this job.  

As I was going over the session album with her in her office, she was beaming turning the pages…and you know what she said??? 

She said, “Maggie, I’m SO glad you captured those swirls of hair on his arm, because they’re gone now.”  *****I felt like a rockstar because YES…she’s so right.  Who (besides a photographer) has a macro lens and/or thinks about zooming in on arm hair?  It’s those little special things that I love. 

SO you’re thinking…okay, I just had a family session, and while I love a bunch of the images, I don’t need EVERY single one in an album…SURE YOU DO!!! 🙂  Sure every image from your session isn’t going be your absolute fave.  BUT…the cool thing is that all the images together tell a story.  Those pictures fit together like puzzle pieces and when they’re all together, there’s nothing like it! 

So, think about the session album.  It’s a great way to have everything, but not have to DO anything (frames, etc).  Knowing how much my kiddos look at old digital scrapbooks I have, I know if I had an album like this, it would definitely be one of the most popular “books” at our home.  It’d have to be viewed with a parent, of course though!!!   🙂

Have a great one!  We’re off to the mountains for the day…ahhhhh………   ~m

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One thing I really looked forward to with both of my kiddos was sending out a birth announcement.   Why, you ask???  🙂

Because I loved:

*choosing the image and card that complimented that image the best

*sending something in the MAIL (gasp!) because life is so digital these days

*sharing our new little love with everyone 


When my pal, L, asked me about announcements for her little one, I was excited to gather some up for her…this post is basically to show some options.  So, if you like one better than the other, let us know!

Here are 3 more choices in pink (mom’s request).  Background colors can be changed, images can be swapped, etc. 

^  #2


^  #3

^ #4

Have a great day!   ~m



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{ My fav close up}


Storyboard showing how much fun he was having with this cute antique horn — I remember that thing from when I was little!


Just had to say thanks to Steph for the lovely flowers…they brightened up a tough day.  I truly appreciate it, girl!  {mwah!} 


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Peach taking a look at ONE SHEEP.  The only one that didn’t run a mile away.  🙂

Things have been super busy here!  I’m editing away, preparing images for slideshows and galleries.   If you’re interested in scheduling a session, don’t hesitate to send me an email — even if it’s to tentatively put you or someone in your family on the calendar for a couple months away. 

My schedule is full for March.  April is quickly filling up!  [I am holding a couple spots in March and April for newborns, however!]     Thank you all for your daily blog visits, kind words, and for allowing me to photograph you and /or your loved ones.  I am having SO much fun combining our visions and just love being creative.  🙂

Oh, and for all those newborns coming up, I have several cozy items making their way here…think cocoon!  🙂   I’m off to edit!  ~m

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