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More cuteness from courtneycourtney at etsy.   It’s been a couple weeks and Peach still LOVES these cozy dresses.  🙂

I got an email from Courtney today and she’s the featured seller on etsy!  How fun is that!!!????!!!   She even has some long sleeved dresses in stock for the fall/winter.  Love it.  Isn’t it awesome that my kiddo can PLAY in these clothes?  And check out how unique these three dresses are!

So, today my little lady is FOUR YEARS OLD!  Yipes.  I still remember the first second I heard her little cry.  Oh, how our lives changed in such a fantabulous, amazing way.

Happy Birthday Peachie-Pie.  I love you!  🙂

Pics from some family bday festivities tomorrow.  The big fiesta is this weekend.  Wahooo!!!  🙂

Have an incredible day (I know two little 4-year-olds that will–Happy Bday to TB, too!).    ~m

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:::News flash:::  Found the perfect summer dress for my kiddo!!! Peach has been wearing a dress-a-day ever since these comfy hand-sewn creations arrived in the mail a couple weeks ago.

What do I like best about these cute little numbers???

  • cute/trendy
  • kid approved (that’s hard these days!)
  • every single one is different (and handmade!!!)
  • fabric is from recycled and new adult t-shirts (eco-friendly, baby!!!)
  • Peach can PLAY in them!  She’s at that age where she likes only comfortable clothes and clothes she can have fun in, so these are just PERFECT right now.  🙂

You can find these here (Cool Mom Pics article) and here (courtneycourtney etsy store).

For those of you that haven’t done much etsy shopping (or even browsing) you’re SO missing out.  It’s amazing…amazingly addictive, yet f-u-n!!!

Stay tuned for even MORE of these adorable dresses next week (at the playground!)  🙂

Have a great, COMFY, rest of your weekend!  🙂   ~m

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I have NO idea what happened, but this whole post just disappeared!!! 

The jist of my previous blog entry (it was a long one, too!) was that my pal Cristy makes custom clothes — adorable dresses, shirts, etc.  I had her make a dress and shirt for Peach and she asked for some photos of the clothing to post on one of her many sites:  Purple Daisies, Etsy Store, and For the Love of Chocolate. <–scroll down to Purple Daisies Boutique for the awesome dresses/shirts.  Here’s some of her glorious work!


The above shirt reverses into the lemon shirt (below).  You can see it peeking from behind the fabric.



The above storyboard shows an adorable heart dress that reverses into these fun polka dots (below).


Give her a jingle if you want a custom outfit for your kiddo!  OR just drop her a comment and tell her that her work is super cute.  🙂  ~m

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If you’ve seen the movie Stand By Me, I’m sure you remember the really gross scene after the pie eating contest.  The total “barf-o-rama.”  Well, that happened here tonight.  Not multiple people, thank goodness.  Just one really sick kiddo. 

I was planning on blogging w/pics, of course (I have LOTS to show!), but I need to comfort Peach.  She’s still really freaked out.  

I’ll leave you with something that I’ve been meaning to post for a while… 

Food Network posted the top 100 recipes of 2007.  I’m in a rut always fixing the same things for dinner, so I thought I’d pass this along if anyone else is in that same rut, too!    

Coming up in future blogs…

Super Cute Preschool Photo Shoot,  Kiddo Book Review, Pics from our Zoo Trip (today)



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