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***Special request for some smiley pics from M while she’s waiting to see her whole gallery.***

She’s too cute and bubbly!  I told her that although her smile is flippin’ LOVELY, sometimes I find myself drawn to her images that are more serious because her eyes are absolutely stunning and show SO much emotion.  Check these eyes out!

Okay, there’s a LITTLE smile in the above photo!  🙂  I love the *hint* of one.

I think my smiley fave of her happens to be the very first pic on the left side in the storyboard up top.  LOVE what she’s doing with her hands…and as Tyra Banks would say (hah!) she’s definitely “Smiling with her eyes.”

And a couple more randoms from our super fun session.  LOVED her timeless dress!

M — your gallery and slideshow will be ready for viewing tomorrow!

Have a fantastic day!   ~m

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^ I love all the lines in these pics with the water tower, her body, the field…

This wonderful woman loves yoga.  i think it’s incredibly important to bring a piece of you to a photo session, so when we chatted about her interests, this came up.  Not in front of the moon, of course.  THAT was an added perk.  🙂  M–you are gorgeous inside and out.  🙂  I promise, the smiley pics are coming soon!
Have a super day.   ~m

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She said she just wanted me to capture their love…

I think we did just that.  🙂

Have a terrific day.    ~m

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M braved the elements with me as we drove all over town to find out perfect photo shoot spot.  We ran into millions of mosquitos, fell into an irrigation ditch (uhhhh…that would be ME), dodged ant hills galore, and even had to deal with some stinky areas.  🙂  It was so worth it.  We smiled and laughed through the shoot and had a great time.  You really CAN’T not have a great time with M.

Super smiley, talkative, positive, confident, gorgeous.

Not to mention an incredible singer, business owner, music therapist.

Her huge heart shows in every image.  More coming sooooon (I am SO excited to share some MOON shots with you!)  🙂

Have a great rest of your weekend.  ~m

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Timing is crazy sometimes!  🙂  I got an email a month or so ago from a pal from choir who recently moved to Portland.  He was in need of some images for a new website he’s creating.  So, enter ME (and my random trip to Portland!).  We took some pics down by the train station just before Jen and I left to return to Bellingham.

From what I saw, Portland is such a clean, active, lovely city.  I loved the green parks sandwiched between homes and streets.  Cute little cafes on corners.  SO many opportunities to photograph in lovely and/or not so lovely (I love that urban grunge) settings.

[About the pics]  I was immediately drawn to this space because of the bright red door and the lines ALL over the building (bricks, columns, etc).  Of course, we took lots of portraits, up close guitar strummin’, as well as some full body close ups, BUT, I wanted to showcase these because they’re three views of him remaining in the same place while I moved.  Three very different looks.  🙂

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

{FYI}  Lots of shoots coming up — this is the start of the mega-busy season.  I am booked for September, except for two mini sessions that you can find here. <- you will also find October availability, as well.

October is starting to book.  November dates aren’t up yet, but there are only a couple weekends I’ll be photographing before the Christmas deadline 11/16.  I just want to make sure that IF you’d like a short session with some holiday cards this season (or a full session), book sooner than later!  Don’t hesitate to send an email with any questions you may have, as well.

I will have all the holiday card options posted sometime next week.  They’re all SOOO cute…haven’t decided which ones I’m using for my family yet, either (they’re all that cute!).  🙂

Have a nice day!  ~m

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More from this cute {love} session — vintage style!

I’m not used to shooting in full sun…we didn’t have much choice as far as time goes, so I learned a lot!  Even though the lighting isn’t even on their faces, it gives the image depth and excitement.  I love that I can see their sheer happiness.  🙂

The amazing, gorgeous M.


Thanks, you two!  Miss ya already.  🙂

Have a super day.  ~m

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Had a mini session today with M & B.  My pals Jen, Jess and I all photographed these two, which was a great learning experience & an all-around great time.  Ahhh…the locations in Bellingham were just amazing.  The weather was too — I’m going to have to visit again soon.  🙂

This couple was SO much fun and obviously completely adorable inside and out.

Thanks SO MUCH for workin’ it, you two!!!  More fun pics to come later!

Have a super day.  🙂   ~m

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Really, my memories of this beautiful, carefree, sweet young woman have to do with fresh blackberry birthday cakes.  My family spent many summers in Seattle when we were younger and C’s birthday just so happened to fall during our visits.  Her mom, an amazing cook, would always make these elaborate and delicious birthday treats (and meals, for that matter). What fun — we even picked the delicious fruit for her cakes!  🙂

I can’t believe that C is old enough (aren’t there some people that you remember as little 5 year olds?) to be embarking on her own journey…moving away from the beautiful state of Washington to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Los Angeles.

She wanted some headshots…I told her she needed to “work it” for some shots for me, too.  🙂  And BOY did we have fun!

Can’t wait to hear about your adventures, C!  Best of luck to you and thanks for choosing me for your headshots.  LOTS more!!!  {mwah!}

Have a spectacular weekend!   ~m

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I had the pleasure of photographing Miss M, a high school senior, while I was vacationing in Long Beach.  This gal, who is completely gorgeous inside and out, just so happens to be my cousin.  🙂  We had lots of fun catching up and roaming around some of her favorite beaches.  It was SOooooo windy!

She’s a surfer girl, so when I suggested a couple locations and she said THE BEACH, I was thrilled!  🙂

I can’t believe this young woman was the little flower girl in my wedding 10 years ago!

Can’t wait to see where life takes you, M, and I look forward to hearing about (and seeing!) all the amazing things you will do!   IF you do decide to teach, those kids will be so lucky to have you as a teacher.  🙂

More images from a different beach at sunset coming soon….

Have a terrific day.  ~m

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^ My fav.  Love her hair, the angle, her hands & expression.

^ My sis with the kiddos — this is just a sweet image to me.  Everyone just seems so at peace.  🙂

Gorgeous……………………………………………………check out that killer jump!!!

These images show her quiet side and a bit of her craziness.

Peach’s rendition of Bib’s jump.   Makes me laugh. Only a couple days until we get to see Bib again!  Wahoo!  Cali here we come!

Have one incredible day!  ~m

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