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He just looks so soft and cuddly!

[Suuuper busy, but wanted to show a pic from the Secret Workshop back in April.  It was hard to photograph this little guy with a kazillion other photographers, but we tried to make it work.  🙂 ]

So sweet of mom to let us photograph her adorable newborn.  Thank you, thank you.   ~m



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You can’t go wrong with a mini-smile and hat combo! 

Do you prefer color?

or black and white???

When mom brought out this hat (little S wore this in the hospital) with a MATCHING blankie…my heart skipped a beat.  I’m a total sucker for lovely hats and homemade gear for babies.  🙂 

When my daughter was born, a choir friend of mine made her a gorgeous quilt…I was floored!  I think it’s SO important to capture homemade memories, too.  [Especially those that have texture and are colorful…BONUS!!!]  🙂 

Have a fun day.  ~m

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^ sister

^ brother.   I love the “I just woke up” crinkles in his forehead. 

I LOVE photographing twins!!!  (I just knew I would!!!) 🙂

Have a great day!  ~m

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Adorable little J (one of the twins)

***Does it get any cuter than this???  🙂

Well…he kept smiling for me…that was pretty cute!

Aside from his cuteness, I LOVE that fuzzy newborn hair on his shoulder.  That goes away too quickly…

Some images of his sis tomorrow. ~m

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{I just couldn’t help posting one more from this shoot–isn’t this hat GINORMOUSLY perfect???}  🙂

When dad saw his little guy with this hat on he got SO EXCITED.  You see, dad and mom love to ski and snowboard (mom skis, dad snowboards). 

In no time, little L will be hitting the bunny slopes with his parents.  🙂  To ski or to snowboard????

Get set for some more images of those cutie twins tomorrow.   Hope you all had a fab weekend.  ~m

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Couple more shots of this cutie from yesterday…but this time with his loving parents.

^ LOVE it.  A father and his son.  What a special bond. 

^ Could this get any sweeter?????  I have an image like this of me and Peach, when she was 3 days old that my mom took.  I love it.  

S’s look, gentle touch, hand placement…it all just oozes love.

NOT ONLY is this family super cute, BUT they’re incredibly kind and wonderful, too.  I feel so fortunate to work with such amazing clients on a daily basis.  SO, thank you.  🙂

[terrible migraine this evening, so I’m off to bed…]   ~m

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…fresh little perfect baby boy.    [storyboard above]

Newborn sessions are amazingly fun.  I love chatting with new moms about the personalities of their new little ones and their birth stories.  I LOVE *love* stories, birth stories, anything like that makes me smile.

Anyway, newborn sessions done around 6 days old are ideal.  The little squeakers (LOVE their little sounds!) are starting to adjust to life outside of the womb, but are still extremely sleepy .  <–the sleepy part is KEY if you want those new baby shots.   He is just SUCH a cute little boy. 

This guy was right around a month.  A month is definitely pushing it for the shots we were looking for BUT, he slept like a champ almost the whole time.  I barely have any pics with his eyes open!!!  🙂

S and J —  your gallery will be ready on Sunday.  Can’t wait for you to see the rest of your little man. 

What a gorgeous fam!!!  They don’t look sleep deprived at all, do they!!!??!!  🙂

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