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Adorable little J (one of the twins)

***Does it get any cuter than this???  🙂

Well…he kept smiling for me…that was pretty cute!

Aside from his cuteness, I LOVE that fuzzy newborn hair on his shoulder.  That goes away too quickly…

Some images of his sis tomorrow. ~m

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Couple more shots of this cutie from yesterday…but this time with his loving parents.

^ LOVE it.  A father and his son.  What a special bond. 

^ Could this get any sweeter?????  I have an image like this of me and Peach, when she was 3 days old that my mom took.  I love it.  

S’s look, gentle touch, hand placement…it all just oozes love.

NOT ONLY is this family super cute, BUT they’re incredibly kind and wonderful, too.  I feel so fortunate to work with such amazing clients on a daily basis.  SO, thank you.  🙂

[terrible migraine this evening, so I’m off to bed…]   ~m

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…fresh little perfect baby boy.    [storyboard above]

Newborn sessions are amazingly fun.  I love chatting with new moms about the personalities of their new little ones and their birth stories.  I LOVE *love* stories, birth stories, anything like that makes me smile.

Anyway, newborn sessions done around 6 days old are ideal.  The little squeakers (LOVE their little sounds!) are starting to adjust to life outside of the womb, but are still extremely sleepy .  <–the sleepy part is KEY if you want those new baby shots.   He is just SUCH a cute little boy. 

This guy was right around a month.  A month is definitely pushing it for the shots we were looking for BUT, he slept like a champ almost the whole time.  I barely have any pics with his eyes open!!!  🙂

S and J —  your gallery will be ready on Sunday.  Can’t wait for you to see the rest of your little man. 

What a gorgeous fam!!!  They don’t look sleep deprived at all, do they!!!??!!  🙂

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This wee one has overcome SO much in her short lifetime.  [I am constantly amazed at the resilience of babies.]  She has such a cute little laid back personality and is doing GREAT!!!  🙂


It was wonderful to see her and her family SO happy and healthy…the last time we got together for pics was when she was still in her momma’s belly!  Check out the snazzy maternity photos here. 

Mom always has great ideas all cooked up for me, so we had a lot to do!  I love it when parents have ideas–family blankets or clothes to include, chairs, beds, etc.  It keeps me on my toes and they can really personalize their photo shoot! 

It was an absolute pleasure, C and R, to see you and your family again (and a special appearance by sister S and her hubby!).  I always feel so welcome when I’m with all of you.  🙂  

Oh, and one special pic of the sweet sisters. 

AND…I just HAD to include this one below because S looks SOOOO darn cute!  It’s one of my new favs for sure.  🙂

Have one wonderful day!!!  ~m

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FREE?  What’s free these days???  READ ON, blog friends!!!  🙂

PHOTOGRAPHER SEEKS:  ONE fun[ky] family for a complimentary photo shoot — photographer wants to have fun and do something she’s never done before! 

Family will benefit by having tons-o-fun, a free session ($175 value), free 8×10 ($35 value) of their favorite image, and be able to share their family slideshow (via an online link) with friends and family. 

I’m looking for a family with a killer idea for a session.  Something different.  Unusual.  Fun.  You.  A crazy idea that somehow fits in with your fam. 

Is there something special your family does together…like bowl every Sunday or go camping one weekend every year in June?   Wouldn’t it be FUN to have your own personal photographer along for the afternoon to capture those memories?  How could you spice up that family time together to make it extra memorable?

Is there something ZANY that you think would be an extra-fun photo op, like everyone dressing up in western get-up and heading over to Rawhide for the afternoon?  OR having a mini-golf date? 

It can be “out there”…it can be meaningful…(it would be awesome if it was BOTH!)…it needs to be “you” and just fit.  😉


Email entries to me:  maggiejmcd@msn.com  by Friday, June 6th at midnight with “PHOTO OP” in the subject.  Make sure to tell the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY.  Be creative!  If you need to give some background…tell a little story…that’s fine, too.    Oh, and the photo shoot will take place the last week in June or the beginning of July.  We’ll compare schedules!


This Friday 6/6, at midnight, I will compile all of the entries and email them to 3 judges who know me and/or my style extremely well (2 are photographers in another state, 1 is my sister!).  These judges will read through the proposals and decide which session sounds like the best fit for me (which one caters to my style, which one sounds like lots of fun, which one is totally different and will allow me to grow as a photographer???).   

*If you’ve already had a family session with me before, GO FOR IT!  I’d love to work with you and your family again.  I will not be part of the decision making process, so it’s not up to me.  All names will be removed by me before they’re sent to the judges!!!  Completely fair…everyone has an equal chance. 

^ And here’s a pic of the family that inspired this whole promotion.  When I booked this session with mom several months ago, she wanted the location to be where she was proposed to by her husband.  I thought that was amazing.  It TOTALLY took the photo shoot to the next level.  When I was there, I couldn’t help but think constantly about their special history in that VERY SPOT and NOW they were sharing it with their kids.  It was so heartwarming. 

When mom mentioned having the family climb into the tree I was thrilled!  I thought it was a total fun idea and I LOVE that she thought out of the box and was willing to do something different!!!  I LOVED her spontaneity. 

On a side note…before this actual shoot, I had to call and ask for permission from the management company because I was busted when I tried out the location with a little model.  Once I shared with them the love story, the company was happy to let us do our thing.  🙂  SO, anything’s possible.  Let’s do it!  Bring those fun ideas on!!!  I can’t wait.  🙂    ~m

Oh, and if you don’t think your idea is “different” enough, submit it anyway!  Might as well go for it! 

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{sweet}  The word that comes to mind when I think of this little cutie.  This 3-month-old was such a joy.  Every time she looked at me with those big brown eyes, I about melted!  She knew JUST what to do.  🙂

This little lady was born two months early and is doing incredibly well.  She’s SO strong!  AND totally adorable. 

^  Ahhh…the innocence and beauty of a sleeping baby.    She was able to get a few “Zzzs” in. 

 ^ So many things I love about this image.  How the parents frame her.  How happy and in love everyone is.  

 When I asked them to just “love on her” a bit for some photos, this was my first picture out of the bunch.  They obviously knew what I meant.  🙂

Grandma worked her magic getting the little princess asleep.  Amazingly, it only took a couple minutes (those Grandmas have tricks, I tell ya!).   I love the peace and old-fashioned look of this image.

M–you already know this, but today was awesome.  It was so relaxing and fun.  You and your family were an absolute pleasure.  Can’t wait to see you for M’s 6 months pics and maybe before that!  Thanks a bunch for your super sweet comment yesterday.  🙂

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—>this little guy is just perfect for the camera — wish he lived a little closer


monday: images from a new session [TOTAL cutie]

tuesday:  DETAILS on the family promotion (finally!)  Tune in so that you can win a session and an 8×10 for you and your adventurous fam.  ALLLL those juicy details on Tuesday.

                                                          *  *  * 

Editing update for Florida folk!

MM: images complete, slideshow complete

AS: images and slideshow complete

CH: images complete, working on slideshow

OPC Ensemble: images complete, working on slideshow

KA: working on images

CC: wrapping up images

ML: working on images

If your slideshow is complete, you should be expecting a link or two from me today! 

Have a great weekend.   ~m


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