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—>this little guy is just perfect for the camera — wish he lived a little closer


monday: images from a new session [TOTAL cutie]

tuesday:  DETAILS on the family promotion (finally!)  Tune in so that you can win a session and an 8×10 for you and your adventurous fam.  ALLLL those juicy details on Tuesday.

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Editing update for Florida folk!

MM: images complete, slideshow complete

AS: images and slideshow complete

CH: images complete, working on slideshow

OPC Ensemble: images complete, working on slideshow

KA: working on images

CC: wrapping up images

ML: working on images

If your slideshow is complete, you should be expecting a link or two from me today! 

Have a great weekend.   ~m


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Meet the lovely H family.

C (the redhead in the back!) is one amazing chick.  When I was first getting to know her (5 years ago?) I was always amazed at HOW MUCH the girl could do! 

She is always doing everything…working, planning social events (definitely a social butterfly!) for pals, attending homeowners meetings, serving on the board of (and singing in) choir, holding an office for a professional organization she’s in, acting and singing in musicals, being a super mom & wife, and tons more (just makes me tired THINKING about all that!).  There’s always a smile on her face, too!

Basically, she’s one that constantly puts others before herself and is happy to do it.  I am incredibly grateful for her friendship, support, and I just DIG her sense of humor, too.  🙂  We hadn’t seen each other in almost 4 years and we picked up right where we left off…gotta love that. 

C was RIGHT THERE for me when I was prego with Peach.  It was fun to now see her as a momma.  Isn’t she gorgeous?????

Couple beachy posed shots…(cute, but don’t worry…it’ll get more exciting!)

^ Her super sweet and FUN parents.  (Her Mom was Peach’s first babysitter EVER & I used to sing in choir with her dad!)

^ Aren’t they adorable??? 

^ CUTE son, G.  Here here’s a tad grouchy about his hat.  🙂

^ Sandy toes.

^ LOVE the innocence captured here.  Is there anything better than seeing a kiddo explore & discover the world around him?  🙂

^ A ride on super-cool dad is always essential at the beach!

And lastly (phew…this might be a record post!) here’s a pic of little G BEFORE we hit the beach.  I’m lovin’ the colors and his classic expression.  I can see this on their wall of pics for sure!!!  🙂

Miss you guys…

Lovies, ~m

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…to be home.

Spent the whole afternoon wrestling with the kiddos.  Lots of smothering with kisses and hugs.  🙂  The trip was very refreshing & lovely and we’re so grateful that my parents & bro live nearby and were willing to help out (THANKS guys, if you’re reading).

Now, I’m ready to get busy editing allll those sessions.    Have a couple meetings with clients the next few days, so if you’re one of the Jax peeps waiting for your sneak peek, those will start tomorrow!!! 

As promised, here are a couple more of my favs from the super sweet J family, whose session was completed before the big trip! 

^ Love how the doorway frames her cute little body. 

^  Something interesting caught their eye!  I love real moments like these where a family is truly engaged.  🙂

^ I love the softness of mom and her proud smile.  And little B immediately draws you in with those stunning eyes.  LOVE it!  🙂

If you’ve emailed me recently, I’m slooooowly working my way through them.  I’ll do my best to reply tomorrow. 

Oh, and Phil (you totally crack me up…) you won the Renee and Jeremy CD.  Sweet…I’ll get that to you asap. 

Have a great day and THANKS for all the rockin’ comments yesterday.  I’m so happy everyone loves the new “M.”   Me too!!!    ~m

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Is she having fun or what???  🙂  This is exactly what type of family photo I strive to capture.  Kids having fun…love & life going on.  Families just doing what they do!

You may remember this super cute family from here.  After tons-o-sessions lately, and a weekend workshop, I finally got around to posting some more of them.  [Thanks for being soooo patient!–I know you guys are anxious! ]

Aren’t they great???  Mom offered to climb the tree and I thought it was an incredible idea!  I would LOVE a pic like this of my fam in my home.  It just says they’re fun, spontaneous, happy…   🙂

^ Dad/kiddo moments are so fun.

There are so many terrific pics of this family — I’m having a hard time narrowing down my choices!

 ^ Little beauty

Can’t wait to meet with you guys and show you the rest!  ~m

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Now back to regularly scheduled blogging!  Kinda nice to relax a bit!


 ^ Love this mother/daughter interaction.


^ Brothers…so relaxed and cuuuute!  SUPER sweet mom, too!  🙂

^ He is PRECIOUS! 

^  …hmmm…little rain dance?  She was so cute (and busy!) the whole session. 

Thanks for stopping by!  In the next week or two, stay tuned for: Florida sessions, a new baby!,vacation pics & 2 incredible family photo sessions (I feel like the 12 Days of Christmas song!).   🙂

Have a great day!


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Let’s be honest here… “posing” for pics, or being one of the subjects in a photo shoot, isn’t the most comfortable activity.  Believe me, I know how hard it is to move out of your comfort zone when a camera is in front of you for an hour.  It does, however, get easier.  And more fun.  AND the images you receive of you and your loved ones are totally worth it.    Tooooootally worth it.  🙂

When I’m doing a newborn shoot, older siblings aren’t too sure what to think of me when I show up at their home with a big black scary thing around my neck.  When you add the excitement (& trauma!) of a new little baby at home (who loves to cry and take away all of mom and dad’s attention), things become well…interesting!

^ Love the color.  Like seeing action vs. asleep, focus vs. out of focus.  

{From a photographer perspective, I definitely wasn’t ready (settings-wise) for big bro to appear in the picture above, but I was super happy he did!  Traditionally, this pic would all be in focus, BUT I love how it’s drastically different.}

^ I always make sure and take some pics of siblings at a newborn shoot, because they’re part of this whole event, too!  The little guy here looks up at me –very curious and playful.  He’s starting to get closer to that camera!  

Even though most of the time Dads aren’t very thrilled about getting in front of the camera, I try and convince them to do something like this (below) and then slowly we work into family images.  I think the dads that have been through a photo shoot realize that it can be fun and not so uncomfy.  All I’m looking for is natural interaction:  fun with spouse, tosses (big kids) into the air — ya know, real moments! 

^ Little Lady hangin’ out in dad’s strong arms.  Look how giant his hand looks, in the shadows, compared to her little body!

I truly feel lucky when asked to take pictures of an individual or family.  It’s extremely flattering and something I take very seriously!  I try my best to make those of you that aren’t always lovin’ a camera nearby, to feel at ease and take some baby steps out of that comfort zone.   And usually by the end of the shoot, the person who wasn’t so crazy about the camera in the first place, is doing some incredibly fun & wacky stuff!  LOVE it.  🙂

Can’t wait for all my upcoming photo shoots!!!  The next couple weeks are BUSY!!!

                                                             *   *   * 

On a side note, I want to thank all of you blog readers out there.  Monday was a RECORD DAY at this blog! 

It’s so fun knowing that peeps from all over the world come here to see what’s going on!  Thanks, also, to the commenters, frequent or not-so-frequent.  I love your feedback, support, sweet words for the individuals in the pics, etc.  I TOTALLY appreciate you.  🙂   ~m

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I had a great time with the J family this afternoon.  It was toddler exploring at its best (and fastest) as we followed around little T.  She was energetic, sweet, and even a bit cautious. 

She’s right at that stage where she wants to break free (and does!), but still needs mom and dad around.   I forgot how quick little (almost) two-year-olds can be!  I need to gear myself up for my little guy…

Anyway, T’s parents wanted some pictures taken of her to celebrate her second birthday in a couple weeks and am so glad we did this.  We snuck some shots in of the fam and her stunning little sis, too.

[Okay, can I just tell you how much I LOVE the above pic?  First, dad and daughter…too cute.  Second, before this little action happened, dad would say, “T…Head butt?” and she’d coming running over to her daddy and they’d do an ever-so-gentle head bump together.  It was priceless!!!]

^ 7-month-old sister…she is just SOOOOO cute! and just loved smiling for me!

Thanks so much, J and P, for a fun afternoon!  I’m glad we waited around for that golden light — it was definitely worth it!  You two are amazing parents (to two very adorable kiddos).  See you soon.   ~m

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I had THE BEST time this afternoon/evening with the S family.  They were so fun & full of life. 

I just knew this would be an incredible session when mom asked what I thought about her bringing ladybugs so the kiddos could play with the fun little creatures.  I gasped, gulped (trying to contain my excitement) and said, “Yessss!”  What an awesome idea!  I love that she thought out of the box.  She wanted to bring something for her daughter and son that would be fun, fresh, exciting, different, and picture-worthy.  LOVED it. 

^ Love how you can see the sun and the rest of the family hanging out in the background.  🙂

Oh and the kids.  Perfect creamy skin.  Sweet, smiley, adventurous…  The fam even got up into a tree at one point.  I loved that, too.  🙂 


^ He did this with his hand in the middle of some pics.  How adorable!

^ One last image I couldn’t resist posting for now!  Aren’t the ducks swimming by at the perfect time?  And that baby duck is sooooo cute and tiny!

Ladybug and tree climbing images later on in the week.  ~m

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^Sooooo touching.

^ Soooo in love.

^ Soooo comfortable.  [It’s all in the body language]

I’ve been meaning to blog this fam for quite some time!  I know I say this a TON, but maternity shoots are SOOO much fun.  C wrote me an email after the photo shoot and said she loved how this shoot really helped her enjoy her pregnancy (it’s been a difficult one).  What a compliment.  {mwah!}

I had an awesome time capturing the adorable interaction & love in the air.  I am soooo happy to have met you guys.  🙂  ~m

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I can’t…just do one post on each session.  While I’m editing, I always find so many more images worth sharing.  So, here are a few of those from my maternity session with L.   


^ Fitted tanks are an awesome choice for a maternity session.  Her purple tank is perfect because it compliments her coloring. 


^ I like this moment. 


^ LOVE this one.  The colors are so fun, but the part I like best are the multiple frames you see that make her stand out.  During the session, when I asked her to define her belly (so I could get a better view!) she’d touch her stomach and immediately smile.  It was so heartwarming.  🙂


^ I love the antique feel of this image.  It’s timeless.  I think the texture really adds a lot to the feel of the door (paint cracking and falling off) as well as the texture in the brick.

I just realized that I chose a lot of looking down images for this post.  I usually try to have more of a mix, but glancing back through them, I really love being able to witness her connection to the baby growing inside her belly.   I enjoy being able to capture something that seems so simple, yet is intimate, like a glance down, or a feel of the belly.   L was such a natural and just *glowed* when we even mentioned little J.

I’m so excited to meet her…several more weeks!  Thinking of you guys, L…


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