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Although this isn’t a “typical” maternity image of mine, I truly enjoy stretching my creativity and experimenting with my clients.  For this example, L wanted a shot similar to this and we made it happen. I *love* her look here:  her expression, blowing hair, hand delicately touching her face, other hand (with a touch of attitude) on her hip, lines & shadows created by the fabric, and lastly her perfect belly.

Life as a photographer, for me, means constantly learning and stretching my abilities and creativity  — I always welcome client ideas (and I’m glad clients welcome mine)!  What’s really been eye-opening lately, is an online form I have clients fill out when they book a session.  Their answers truly help me plan for the session and know what type of photography they lean toward.  I REALLY take those seriously — I know it will help our connection even more!

Stay tuned for my latest and greatest in “stretching”!!!  I have some fun equipment coming any day now and look forward to sharing it with you!

Have one incredible day!  ~m

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I had an awesome time with L and her hubby a couple weekends ago.  We spent some time outside & got some wonderfully unique natural light portraits and then moved inside to try and recreate a flowy fabric maternity image she really wanted.  I’m not used to the inside sort of studio image, so it was a fun challenge!  I think she looks absolutely stunning (and she has that prego-glow for sure!!!).

We also got lots of great shots around their lovely home.

I absolutely love maternity shoots.  There’s something so amazing about a pregnant belly and I just LOVE the anticipation, love, and excitement on the faces of the parents-to-be.

And lastly, a vintage-processed nursery pic.  LOVE those little birdies.

Can’t wait to meet the little one in just a couple weeks!  🙂

Have a spectacular weekend!   L and M—your gallery and slideshow will be all ready for you Sunday!   ~m

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I had THE BEST morning with this super fun couple who are expecting a baby in the next few weeks.  They were all smiles and full of great ideas.  🙂

We had fun (minus the ant pile!) roaming around a desert flower-filled greenbelt near their house.   Then we whipped up a natural light studio-ish set up in their living room.  Quite new for me!  I loved being able to experiment inside with a backdrop — I think it’ll be awesome for newborn shoots, too!   Anyway, back to today’s session…


Fun[ky] post-processing with an extra bit of blur.  🙂

Inside images coming within the week!  🙂  I do have to leave you with THE CUTEST pic of their current baby girl — Daisy the Goldendoodle.

An AMAZINGLY sweet, well-behaved doggie.  She was a crack up!

Can’t wait to meet the new baby!  Best wishes, you two for a speedy, safe delivery.

Have a great day!  ~m

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I love how different this image is.  In the world of photography, images are so often inspired by other images we’ve seen and felt a connection with.  It felt good to just be in the moment and do my own thing.   

I love how her eye looks right through you — my eyes long for the other half, but are also content and a bit intrigued by what I see. 

See more of this shoot here,  here and here

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Tonight I went to a photography workshop that revolved around newborn and maternity photography.  LOVED it!  Any time my brain can be filled with photography related tidbits, I’m a happy gal.  And when those tidbits are baby and prego momma related I’m seriously THRILLED!  🙂

Oh, and FL sessions are TOTALLY done.  Wahoo…happy dance!  I’m right on schedule with current clients too.  🙂  Now I just need to do some workshop editing, website updating, and there are also going to be a few blog changes coming up…be on the lookout. 

Have one lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by!!!  ~m

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^ This couple was SO much fun to work with.  Before we even officially started the photo shoot, I looked over (I was getting my camera ready) and this is what I saw.  One of my very favorite images because:

  • it’s a real moment between two parents-to-be
  • his expression is absoluely perfect…you can even see his smile in his eyes
  • their legs intersecting form a fun & different angle
  • his hands/arms fully extending to grab that perfect belly really draw your eyes right where they need to be
  • her looking down at her belly, sharing this happy moment with him is priceless.  🙂

I could post images from this session ALL. DARN. DAY.  🙂

Oh, and they now have a healthy, beautiful baby girl!  I got to see some great pics via email from mom yesterday.  K & J — I can’t wait to show you the rest…congrats again you two.   ~m

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…how much i LOVE maternity photography? 

I love:

^  capturing that MAJOR pregnant glow (there’s nothing like it!)

^  meeting women (with such CUTE bellies) about to bring such a beautiful little miracle into this world

^ visiting with parents-to-be [talking through what to expect is SO much fun for me — I love making parents feel more at ease about the whole process]

^  the pregnant body — all those stunning curves

meeting the new baby when he/she arrives (which completes the family!)

and lastly…making a woman feel beautiful inside and out when she doesn’t feel like her regular self.

                                                        * * * * * * * * * *

SO, in celebration of the prego momma, I’m offering a maternity special for the months of May and June! 

–> If you book a maternity OR combination newborn/maternity session in one of those months (advance booking is great — you can still take advantage of the special even if your shoot isn’t until October!!) you will get $50 off your session fee!!!  Holy smokes…that’s a good deal.  And to make the deal even SWEETER, along with the $50 off, you will get a set of 40 brag cards (of an excellent image from your session) to pass around to friends and family.   Yesssssss! 

[If you know someone that’s pregnant, let them know about this killer deal!  If you’re prego and reading this…what are you waiting for???   :)]      Can’t wait!  ~m

**Stay tuned for some adorable newborn images next week.  I got a call from the lovely momma in the above pics and her little baby is here!!!  Congrats S and J!  Get some rest and I’ll see you two VERY soon for your relaxed newborn session.

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Maternity sessions just thrill me.  There’s something about an almost-new mom, how the female body changes, the excitement in the eyes of the husband…I feel like I am really doing something — stopping time for that woman — because in a couple weeks, baby is there and the shape of that belly is soon forgotten.   

So, add maternity + the beach and I’m on Cloud 9!!!

I feel so fortunate to have met Kelly and Jason (check out Kelly’s link–she’s an accomplished actor, singer, photographer…you name it!).  They are two incredible individuals who are just glowing with excitement for a baby girl that’s due any day now.   I usually write a bit for each image, but these just speak for themselves.  This couple is just so gorgeous (aren’t they???!!!!!), excited to be prego, and soooo in love. 



Thank you for such an awesome time at the beach, you two!  And for the lovely tour of the Inn.  It was great getting to know you and I can’t wait to see pics of your little one — you will be AWESOME!  

Can’t wait for you to see the rest of the images!    ~m

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