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I had the pleasure of photographing Miss M, a high school senior, while I was vacationing in Long Beach.  This gal, who is completely gorgeous inside and out, just so happens to be my cousin.  🙂  We had lots of fun catching up and roaming around some of her favorite beaches.  It was SOooooo windy!

She’s a surfer girl, so when I suggested a couple locations and she said THE BEACH, I was thrilled!  🙂

I can’t believe this young woman was the little flower girl in my wedding 10 years ago!

Can’t wait to see where life takes you, M, and I look forward to hearing about (and seeing!) all the amazing things you will do!   IF you do decide to teach, those kids will be so lucky to have you as a teacher.  🙂

More images from a different beach at sunset coming soon….

Have a terrific day.  ~m

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I just love how a [storyboard] can tell a story using a series of images.  I think these are fitting because J’s cool, has her own style (that girl can strike a POSE!), AND you see she has a fun side as she’s walking on the train track. 

As a mom and photo lover, I love having storyboards up in my house because of the varying poses (action!) and personality that are shown.   

–>About the storyboard above…I used a super fun urban action on the pics, which gave them a more green/red tint.  Definitely something different and fun for me — I really liked it with the colors and textures present in the caboose though.  Isn’t J soooo adorable?


I love her confidence and body position in the above pic.  I could have edited her red cheeks and nose so that her face was more “all one color,” but I just love how her face is showing the temperature outside.  Her face looks natural and real, which is what I was going for — very different from the storyboard above.  🙂  For the color in this picture, I made it “pop” a bit more to give the image some energy and excitement. 

There are SO many more cute images from our session together — I wish I could post them all.  Thanks again, J.  I had tons-o-fun.    ~m

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In Colorado, I had the pleasure of taking pics of an incredibly sweet, smart and feisty “almost 14 year old” (that’s how old she told me she was).   Not 13, almost 14.  🙂 

It was REALLY cold and we all trekked through snow (in shoes that weren’t appropriate) for the fun stuff (caboose, big wagon, stairs, gazebo, etc.).  The hour was full of laughs and just an all-around great time.  

*** Thanks so much for being such a great sport, J.  I can’t wait for you to see the rest of these –you really are a beautiful girl.  And Julie, I’m honored that you wanted me to photograph your niece.  Hope to see you both in CO again soon. 


img_3181portcpopldefshwebsm.jpg  img_3184cpopcbalshdefwebsm.jpg


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