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Although this isn’t a “typical” maternity image of mine, I truly enjoy stretching my creativity and experimenting with my clients.  For this example, L wanted a shot similar to this and we made it happen. I *love* her look here:  her expression, blowing hair, hand delicately touching her face, other hand (with a touch of attitude) on her hip, lines & shadows created by the fabric, and lastly her perfect belly.

Life as a photographer, for me, means constantly learning and stretching my abilities and creativity  — I always welcome client ideas (and I’m glad clients welcome mine)!  What’s really been eye-opening lately, is an online form I have clients fill out when they book a session.  Their answers truly help me plan for the session and know what type of photography they lean toward.  I REALLY take those seriously — I know it will help our connection even more!

Stay tuned for my latest and greatest in “stretching”!!!  I have some fun equipment coming any day now and look forward to sharing it with you!

Have one incredible day!  ~m

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Hey hey!  I’ve received several emails and bloggity questions regarding the underwater digi cam that I used for the pics a couple days ago…SO, I looked up all the info for ya.  🙂  First I started here.  I did a search for waterproof cameras and just settled on this page.  From there, I went to amazon and checked out some options.  I wasn’t picky because I wasn’t going to spend much.

I ended up spending $135 for this Intova, a 6 mega-pixel point and shoot camera (WITH optical zoom!) that includes the underwater housing.  The reviews were fine.  The price was right.  🙂

Is it easy?  Nope!  It’s pretty much a pain (not easy to work + a 3 second or more delay), BUT with a little luck and practice, I think we’ll end up being friends.   The battery life isn’t so hot.  The screen is impossible to see with the bright sun (and forget it underwater!!!) BUT I really don’t mind.  I’m getting exactly what I wanted — pics of my kiddos swimming — and it’s fun to do something new.

Took the cam out again today to my mom’s pool — it’s MUCH more sparkly than ours AND I had some help with the kiddos (smart move!) because Fella thinks he can swim now and just GOES and goes and jumps and swims without even caring if anyone is nearby.  Good thing Peachy is 100% on her own and confident in the water!

Oooh…if you get a waterproof cam, let me know.  Send me a pic or two.  Have fun!

I love my happy little swimmers.  🙂  ~m

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^ Peach starting to scream after we entered the tunnel.

{I love that she’s lit just enough so you can see her expression (and know she’s in a tunnel!) but she glows from the light behind her.}

^ Fella is just NOT too sure about this!  ALMOST out…

Ahhh….love this one.  No cheeseball smiles…we get the real ones (I won’t tell you what I was doing for those!!!).

I’ve been playing around with a new(ish) lens…my 50mm 1.4.  Shooting “wide open” is producing some fun images, but it’s HARD!!!  Lots of room for error.   🙂  I love playing around with depth of field, especially in an image like the one above, where Fella is in focus and everything in front and behind him isn’t.  It really allows for creativity, which is pretty much WHY I do this!!!  With a couple switches in manual mode, this image could look totally different.    🙂  ~m

Oh…and did an actual “planned” photo shoot in 110 degree weather today (and that was 6pm!!!) with the kiddos.  Don’t worry, we had plenty of water (and FUN!).  Get ready for some COOLIO images tomorrow from our shoot…it’s different all right…vintage-inspired with lots of green and brown!!!!!  Hmmm…any guesses?

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I have a very anxious and excited mom who let me know today she’s dreaming about seeing her family pics (her viewing appointment is this weekend).  <–Isn’t that cute?  She is SO thrilled about this it makes me *SMILE!*   

While I’m still editing away, I wanted to whet her appetite and give her just a SMALL dose of the cuteness to come…

{This is S.  Turning 2 at the end of the month! }

:::I love the urban feel of this shot.  His youth, perfect skin, and adorable features really contrast with the old, rusty train in the background:::

SO much of photography these days is done post-processing.  I LOVE to be creative in Photoshop and completely alter a picture OR leave it just the way I took it. 

In this instance, besides using some actions for that certain “feel” I was going for, I tried cropping the image several different ways.  I finally settled on how it was originally taken in camera.  There were too many things left out of the pic if I cropped it and still wanted that grungy feel.  I just love the mood and bold colors.  His expression and little hand to the right are precious.  I like the space to the left of his face because he’s looking that direction. 


BUT THEN, as I kept playing with the image (man, editing takes me a loooong time because I can never choose!), I decided that his cute little face needed to be zeroed in on.  AND changed to black and white (mom’s fav). 


And WOW…this is a handsome kid.  Removing all that background really made me focus on JUST HIM.  I really love both images, but there’s something really special about the b/w one.   This image has a very classic feel.     —Two very different views of the same image. —

SO, there’s a tiny peek into my crazy world of post-processing.  Crop–re-crop-action-another action-re-crop-over and over again.  🙂  <–well, not that bad — I try and do most cropping in camera these days!!! 

 I LOVE this editing part of photography…I’m just indecisive, which makes for loooong nights.  🙂 I also REALLY love seeing the finished product and a client’s wonderful reaction to a that product is the GREATEST part ever. 

Off to edit and I hope you were surprised, G!!!     ~m

Oh, and tomorrow I’m going to need your help.  Hubby and I are going to go on a trip (just us…yahoooo!) and we need YOUR HELP deciding where.  I’ll have a little poll for you (if I can figure out one of those thingies) with some spots we’re thinking of.  Any feedback would be GREAT! 

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What a perfectly perfect round belly.  [I keep finding more and more favorites as I edit the bunch.] 


The little lady camping out inside here should be making an appearance any day now.  🙂  Can’t wait to meet her. 

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Fun little BLOGgity contest…If you tell me 3 things that you liked most about being prego (or if you’ve never been prego, 3 things you think would be fun about being pregnant) you might just be the lucky winner of a coolio pocket guide from My Fun Camera.  This handy dandy little paper guide gives you helpful hints and settings to use for your camera in different situations.  Great for those curious about how their camera works AND for those more experienced, it helps reinforce what you already know.  I’ll send one out to a randomly chosen blogger (have to answer the question though!) on Tues.  Make sure you respond by 7pm on Sunday [AZ time], so we can pull your comment number out of a hat!  Gooooooooooooood luck! 

I’ll start…

When I was prego I loved:

Little kicks to remind me that he/she was there.

Ultrasounds — an amazing sneak peek inside.

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream =-> Caramel Cone, to be exact!

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Just playing around a bit more (above) with texture.  I could really do this alllll night (and pretty much do)!  🙂 

Found a fun cotton field.  Added a crisp (yet sunny) AZ day, a super cute coat, and an adorable (sure, I can say that about my own kiddo) but fidgety little girl to the equation, and we were able to come up with some cute stuff!!! 

 As many of you moms know, it’s sure not easy to take pictures of your own child.  I just keep taking pics and hope for the best!  Bribery can help in moments of desperation, too.  🙂   Did I just say that???  🙂    


Be on the lookout for some changes tomorrow!  🙂   ~m

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Took these pics of my sis when she was out here for Christmas.  I’m totally missing her!  🙂 

I’m crazy busy editing, but wanted to leave you with a couple interesting pics…



Accessories can add SO much to a photograph.  I love the look in the above picture.  The hat is terrific (and full of texture!) and her hands are so delicate.  Lovin’ it!

Accessorizing for a photo shoot is fun and you can even get ultra-creative!  Some options are:  hats, scarves, purses, tights, belts, jewelry, etc.  Go colorful, do something different!  It’s amazing how one little thing can change so much about an image.   I can’t imagine what the above pic would look like without the hat…all I know is that it’s SO much better/more dramatic with one.   Off to edit…  ~m

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