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I’ve been plugging away editing sessions, getting these cards ready & hangin’ out with the fam!

The GREAT news is that this is one of THREE sets of holiday cards!  You’ll have a whopping TWENTY cards to choose from.  Woo hooo (I admit, I have a bit of an addiction to holiday cards and exclamation points)!!!  🙂

Introducing the more Modern Set.  🙂  You’ll see the rest of the cards the next two days (Snazzy + Timeless Sets).

Here we go!

I tried to put almost ALL of the family clients I’ve had into card examples, so it might be fun for you to check back in and look for your fam.  🙂

There will be more details later, BUT just for now — these are:

  • 5×7 flat cards (double-sided) that come with envelopes
  • Press-printed with a semi-gloss or linen (textured) finish
  • $50 for 24 cards (after a session with me!)  [if you’ve had a session within 6 months, you may purchase cards, too!]
  • THE BEST PART is that if you have a 30 minute mini session scheduled with me (only THREE slots left!), then 24 cards are included with your session fee!

If you’d like to schedule a regular child or family session, please contact me ASAP!  September is totally full and I have only two sessions left in October!  November sessions opening soon (but need to take place before 11/9 (& ordered before 11/28) for holiday delivery)!!!

More details on cards as the rest are revealed–or if you have questions, comment away!  Have a super day.  ~m

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At long last, info for the super fun holiday minis is here!  I can’t wait to start taking holiday pics, designing cards, AND help you in creating lasting images of your family!  Photos are awesome gifts, too!  🙂

I know it’s incredibly hard to think about the holidays right now when it’s 111 degrees here in Phoenix, BUT there are only 18 more weekends until Christmas — that makes me shake in my boots!!!

Why are we scheduling holiday shoots now???  Not only do I need to shoot and edit sessions (a 2 week process) but it takes a bit (2+ weeks) to order/receive cards and images, too.  I’m sure my photo lab is going to be feeling the pressure because holiday cards are the IN THING right now!  And BOY do I have some incredible cards for you (a weakness of mine–options will be posted throughout the week!).  🙂

Here’s the info you’ve been waiting for…  (OH, and read allllll the way down for a super offer for 1 lucky fam!)

There are only a LIMITED NUMBER OF SESSIONS available throughout the next 3 months (whether you choose a mini session or a full session), so if you’re interested, make sure to send me an email and sign up before they’re gone! Speaking of gone, once the minis are booked in September the month is full!  🙂  I try my best to keep the “Availability” portion of this blog (look up top) current if you have a date in mind.

A little more info on the minis…

Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 times available — incredible location in Gilbert (email me for details!)

3:30pm, 4:10pm, 4:50pm (booked)

* * *

Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 times available — rockin’ location in Tempe (email me for more details)

3:30pm, 4:10pm (booked), 4:50pm (booked)

* * *

*Rain date scheduled for Oct 30th.


  • those who email with date/time preferences first get the first slots
  • payment, in full, must be received within one week in order to hold your date and time
  • sessions prices are up to 4 people ($25 extra per person)
  • $50 mini session print credit may only be used toward gift and wall prints
  • additional holiday cards, prints, and digital negatives may be purchased
  • all final print orders must be made by 11/28 to receive prints before Christmas

If you choose to have a regular session (more time + images than a mini), it needs to take place by 11/9 to receive holiday items (gift prints, cards, etc).   Session prices are located on my website www.maggiemcdonaldphotography.com under “investments.”

Oh, and if you’re doing a mini, since these sessions are so short, in your email to me with your preferred time(s) and date(s), please choose whether the session is a family session (only images of the family are taken — no individual shots of family members) or a child session (focus is on up to two children and sibling groups).  The goal is for you to have an incredible image (or two or three or…) for your holiday cards, as well as amazing images for your walls (+ gifts for friends and family).

AND if you made it this far (thank you, thank you!!!) I have two offers:

1) if you or your family have been photographed within the last 6 months by moi, you may purchase holiday cards with a favorite image from your session for $8 off a set (that means 24 gorgeous press-printed 5×7 flat cards for $42).  how cool is that!?

2) And the best part….SEEKING one adventurous, spirited family to do a mini session trial run on Sunday, August 31.  The first fam that I get an email from will get 50% off the session + all the other perks that come with the mini (it’ll cost ya $100 for all that!).  Doesn’t matter who you are or if you’ve ever had a session with me…friends/fam are just fine, too!

Okay, I think I’ve covered just about everything.  Thanks for your interest!  My email is maggiejmcd@msn.com if you’d like to reserve your session!  I will do my best to get back to your emails promptly and keep the availability page updated.  Have a GREAT Friday!  🙂

My best,


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(in case you can’t see)

A — tag reads “pinned to our hearts”

B — tag reads “Adorable”

E — tag reads “hand wash only”

*     *     *    

Your options:

All text (including tags) is customizable (color and font).

All colors are customizable.

Artistic embellishments can be removed if that is your preference.

*     *     *    

Cards include envelopes and are printed on your choice of:

high quality photo paper

high quality art paper (linen or watercolor)

high quality pearl paper (metallic-like sheen)


::: One very important detail:::

Cards must be ordered in packages of 24 (same card)

*     *     *

{For a limted time, ALL types of cards are $2 each!}  Lovin’ it!!!  🙂

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Today was extra-special.


{that pregnant glow!}

I met with one of my awesome “Fresh Faces” blog promotion recipients to do her maternity shoot.


AND it was her birthday!   Happy Bday!!! 


{little girl booties on an adorable round belly}

I had so much fun with A.  She was super relaxed, sweet, and so proud of her perfect belly.  She was 100% willing to go along with all my (sometimes crazy) suggestions, too.  🙂  I just had the most relaxing time and enjoyed comparing stories and second-time mom worries and celebrations.  Her 14-month-old son slept through most of our time together, but when he woke up, he was a total gem.  I am thrilled for A, her husband, and little son.  Their soon-to-be born baby girl is already SO loved…I can’t wait to meet her in a couple weeks. 


{i LOVE this pic — i love his little face as mom hugs and kisses him with all her might.  she completely adores this little man, and it shows}


{stunning midnight blue eyes — mom says they change with what he’s wearing}

A–Thank you so very much for having me today.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  I have SO many more images that I just love!  I can’t wait to show you them all.   ~m

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{More pettiskirt images for your viewing pleasure}   

This bright orange and hot pink pettiskirt is a guaranteed day brightener!  Can’t wait for some more little ladies to give these a whirl.  🙂 

In May, be on the lookout for a Fresh Faces search for a 1-5 year old pettiskirt model.  I am soooo excited!   But first, Fresh Faces mommas-to-be and their babies…COMING SOON!    ~m




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A Logo, baby!!!


I’ve been waiting forevvvver for my logo to arrive and it FINALLY did.  I think it’s pretty fresh and fun.    Yea!

I wanted something that would span all ages, be fun, colorful, creative and different.  [Pretty much sums up what I want to be as a photographer] 

 —>So, to celebrate this “Crowning of the Logo” special day, I’m going to give away a $15 Starbucks card to one random, lucky, super-fresh commenter.  I’ll put all the numbers (in order of your comment) in a hat and have Peach pick one out at her bedtime  (Wed., 1/30 at 7pm).  It’ll be in the mail to you the very next day.  Yippeeeee!   You can tell your pals (or significant other!) to comment to get the gift card or just keep this little secret to yourself.   *****All you have to do is tell me what your favorite color in the lollipop is and why!*****    You can leave your email in your comment below (if I don’t have it) or wait to find out the results on Thurs (and then send it to me)!  Whether you’re a regular blog reader or totally new to the [blog o’ pics], doesn’t matter!!!    

Gooooooooooooooood luck and can’t wait to hear your favorite colors.  Oh, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if some Starbucks slurping is in your future.

I’ll start:  {Red} I love bold, bright, cherry-red, flowers, nail polish for toes, bricks (and their many shades of red), hearts, and fruit punch.     ~m

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 Ahhhhh…wrinkly newborn feet, complete with ink, from footprints, in all those cracks and crevices. 


I’m SO excited to see more newborn feet!!!  🙂

Okay, onto the Fresh Faces Promotion…

I got so many emails about the free maternity/newborn sessions it was overwhelming!  After reading about each woman and why these sessions would make her day, I decided there was NO possible way I could choose one.  Then, I decided there was no possible way I could choose just two.  SO, there are three lucky winners.   Even narrowing it down that much was really hard — believe me, if I could, I would be working with all of you.  

Thank you all for your openness, candid and touching stories, and willingness to open your home to me and my camera.  I wish you all the best of luck throughout the remainder of your pregnancies and beyond.  

I really want to show my appreciation to those who entered, so I am offering a complimentary 8×10 image (a $25 value!) with any paid session booked before Sunday, January 27th.   I know you can’t “book” a newborn session for sure, but we can tentatively schedule something so I can at least have you on my calendar.  Remember —  it’s best to photograph newborns before they are 10 days old (they still like to roll up in those cute balls and sleep a lot!).  Just email me if you’re interested and we’ll set something up.  maggie@maggiemcdonaldphotography.com

Oh, and I plan on offering specials every once in a while (the next one will be for a child session), so check back!  Sorry…onto the exciting stuff…

*     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     * 

The awesome session winners are:

{Geneva + baby boy}     {Amber C. + baby girl}     {Alisha + baby girl}    

Congrats ladies, and I can’t wait to meet you all in person!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly to schedule your complimentary maternity session (and we’ll talk about the baby sessions, too). 

And for all of you site readers, THANK YOU for sending referrals.  That was SO super sweet and wonderful.  🙂  Be on the lookout for lots of great bellies and babies in the future.  Can’t wait!

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A real moment.  A spontaneous, gorgeous, in-the-moment smile.  🙂


Maybe some of you remember…a  while ago I asked if a female would be interested in being a model for me.  When I wrote that post, I ALSO said that a *hot* image or two would be a great gift for a husband.  So a week or two went by and then I got an email from J.  She mentioned that if I still needed anyone, she would love to give her husband some photos for Valentine’s.  Hooo-ray!  I was SO excited. 


Fast forward to today…we went out on a photo adventure to a *top secret* location.  🙂  J COMPLETELY shocked me in the daring department… she climbed on dead trees in skirts, jumped over irrigation ditches in heels, squatted down in abandoned buildings (one of which had a beehive!) with random debris everywhere…the list goes on!  She was willing to do anything and everything to get some images that were nontraditional and fun.  She had some killer ideas, too.  Here are just a couple…be on the lookout for many more super fun images from this shoot. 


J-I had SO much fun with you today.  You are quite a gorgeous momma.  I know this was out of your comfort zone and you completely went with it and blew me away!  I can’t wait to show you the rest (there are SOOO many more)!!!   ~m

****If anyone wants some *hot* Valentine’s photos, let’s set up a session!  We need to schedule something this weekend or early next week to get prints by 2/14.  What an awesome treat for a hubby. { J kept saying that her husband was going to be shocked and how NICE it was to be dressed up and doing something so very different! }****

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Stay tuned for the winner(s) of the maternity/newborn sessions!  Check back Thursday for the reveal!!!

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There’s something magical about the hands and feet of a little person — I just can’t get enough!!! 

I am just starting to experiment with my new macro (close up!) lens.    This is only the beginning…

With the blog promotion going on, I’m REALLY excited to take macro photos of a sleepy newborn…and maybe a prego belly button?  Oh, the possibilities.  🙂 

The sweet one-year-old pictured here was SUCH a busy little crawler.  She was tearing up the sidewalk and even my keys didn’t keep her still for very long.   I got lucky when she paused for a moment. 

In this picture above, I love the texture of the ground with the various nooks, crannies, and shadows & think it adds so much to the image.    I think her hand, all stretched out, is super cute, too (those tiny wrinkles and dimples always get me).   

Thanks, C, for letting my borrow your little cutie for a couple minutes.  🙂

 _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

{UPDATE on BLOG PROMO}  Thank you everyone for your submissions.  I’ve read though them and really appreciate you taking the time to write a little about yourself and send pictures.  I don’t know HOW I’m going to decide at this point because all your emails have been super sweet and interesting.  Pics great, too.  🙂 

For those of you that did not send pics with your submission, please do.  Your picture, along with your written portion, will help me decide whether our personal styles will mesh.  Some of the pictures taken at the free sessions with me will go on my website, so I really feel like I need a grasp of “you” before I decide.   I’m going for unique!  

If you’d still like to send in a submission, just check out the post below this one and follow those directions — you have until next Wednesday night.  Can’t wait to hear from more fabulous moms-to-be.     ~m

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Yup, you read that right!  🙂     We’re having a blog promotion, folks! 

I would love to add some FRESH FACES to my website, as far as maternity and newborn pics go, so I am offering something really awesome to just one prego momma in the Phoenix area.   Don’t fret if you’re someone that’s not prego…there’s something in this for you, too.  Keep reading…


Here’s the cool stuff 1 pregnant mom gets:

1 super fun, complimentary maternity photo session   

1 complimentary 8×10 from that session


1 relaxing, complimentary newborn photo session 

1 complimentary 8×10 from that session

[We’re talking $190 worth of sessions/photos for free!]

AND on top of all that, a select number of your {retouched & creative} images will appear on my website and blog for all to see.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

The details:

*The mom-to-be must be due in February, March or April of 2008

*The maternity session must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance, preferably when the mom-to-be is 35-38 weeks pregnant

*The newborn session must be scheduled within 10 days of the baby being born

*You will be able to view 25-30 images from each session (approximately two weeks after your photo shoot) in an online gallery.  After choosing one complimentary 8×10 for each session, you have the opportunity to purchase other images from the session at a la carte prices. 

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

What you need to do:        (<—this will take you 5 minutes!)

*Send an email to: maggie@maggiemcdonaldphotography.com  with “blog promo” in the subject line. 

*Please include your name, contact information, due date, a little about you, and a couple sentences why these two photo sessions + complimentary images would really make your day.  🙂 

*Please email a picture [just a candid pic will do — nothing fancy] as well.  

—>  If a blog reader told you about this promotion, please include that person’s name and email address because they will be receiving a special gift!

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

::::::::::The winning mom-to-be will be revealed on Thursday, January24th — one week from today::::::::::

Like I stated previously, if you are a blog reader who knows someone who is pregnant and might be up for a couple of fun, creative photo sessions for FREE, please send her to my website/blog to check out my work!  IF she decides to apply and is the one chosen for the promotion, I will be sending you a $10 Starbucks gift card in the mail.  Who doesn’t need a Starbucks every so often??? 

Lastly, I just want to say thanks to all the loyal readers, new readers, and for everyone’s continued support.  Your comments really do make my day!   {Mwah!!!}

Hope we have LOTS of pregnant moms apply {Let all your friends, and THEIR friends know!!!}   I have SO many unique, classy & fun ideas for these photo shoots and can’t wait to get started!      ~m

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