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Havin’ fun in Portland!  Here’s Jen and me at our uber chic hotel, Hotel Modera.  It is SOOOO fabulously ‘Euro-simple’.  Wait till you see pics!

Took a car (of course!), airplane to Bellingham, bus to Seattle, train to Portland, and cab to our hotel today.  WHOOOO.  Ate at a greasy pub (the good kind) tonight and are getting ready for bed.  Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the “going away” kind words.  🙂  Can’t WAIT for tomorrow.  Have a super day.  ~m

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Well folks, I am off to Washington and Oregon, where I’ll be mentored by THE Shannon Sewell.  Woo hoo!  I look forward to coming home with lots of extra fun tricks up my sleeve.  I am SO thrilled!  I will be taking FOUR modes of transportation over a of six-twelve hour time span…definitely a first for me.  Anyone want to guess what they are???   🙂

I’ll try to at least put a pic up a day, but we’re (Jen and I) going to be busy!  Mentoring, several photo shoots, meeting friends along the way! 

Adios!  ~m

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My little guy made me laugh out loud this evening.  We were almost headed up to get ready for bed when I look and he’s putting on hubby’s tennis shoes.  That was PRETTY MUCH one of the cutest things I’d ever seen, so I ran to get my camera. 

HE is a total crack up.   He managed to actually stand up and walk shuffle around, but kept tripping.  Anything for a laugh!   Have a great day!  ~m

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Darn.  My sis and her boyfriend headed back to Cali this evening.  The kiddos and I had a swell time with them…tooooo short.  

When our original location didn’t quite work out, we found another spot and they WORKED IT OUT!!!!!!  Holy smokes, I had fun. 

Thank you SO much, J, for being a part of this!  And L…thanks for being fun[ky] fun this weekend.  Miss you already. 

Lots, lots, lots more to share in the upcoming weeks.  Keep checkin’ back and HEY…thanks so much for stopping by.  🙂    ~m

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For the next month or so, I’ll be adding some announcements and other printed products to the blog for your viewing (and ordering!) pleasure.  🙂

I’ve had many questions about birth announcements lately, and figure this is an easy place to display your choices! 

First up is “the whites” a gorgeously simple collection of birth announcements.  I am always drawn to the beauty of simplicity and think these are clean and classy.  [scroll down to the next blog post to view them]

In the future, I will add shabby announcements (yesss!), more colorful/busy announcements (super cute!), as well as your holiday card choices.  I’ve been doing some SHOPPING and only purchasing the best!!!

If you have something in mind that you do not see here, I also do custom digital designs starting at $50.  Scroll down to see those whites! 

Have a terrific day.  🙂   ~m

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{waiting to go on stage} 

Peach’s very first dance recital is tomorrow.  She’s actually pretty nervous, which is breaking my heart.  I don’t want to make her do something she doesn’t want to…BUT that happens throughout life and she’s been practicing a long while for this. 

She’s been saying “Oh DARNIT” –in a super hilarious, deep, serious voice — every time I mention her dance performance.  And then she proceeds to tell me how BUSY she is going to be that day tucking in her stuffed animals.  She’s just too cute. 

Anyway, we had her dress rehearsal this evening and she feels MUCH better.  Glad that she knows where she’ll be performing and that she’s surrounded by her dancin’ pals. 

Oh, man…you’ve got to see her outfit.  It’s a frilly, glitzy mess.  PLUS, I was shocked to hear that they have to wear make-up!!!!!!!!!!  Peachie was thrilled.  Me — not so much.

More pics (the real deal) tomorrow!!!  ~m



What’s your preference?  Color or black and white???

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I love how different this image is.  In the world of photography, images are so often inspired by other images we’ve seen and felt a connection with.  It felt good to just be in the moment and do my own thing.   

I love how her eye looks right through you — my eyes long for the other half, but are also content and a bit intrigued by what I see. 

See more of this shoot here,  here and here

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Tonight I went to a photography workshop that revolved around newborn and maternity photography.  LOVED it!  Any time my brain can be filled with photography related tidbits, I’m a happy gal.  And when those tidbits are baby and prego momma related I’m seriously THRILLED!  🙂

Oh, and FL sessions are TOTALLY done.  Wahoo…happy dance!  I’m right on schedule with current clients too.  🙂  Now I just need to do some workshop editing, website updating, and there are also going to be a few blog changes coming up…be on the lookout. 

Have one lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by!!!  ~m

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