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These two birthday buds always glow when they see each other.  And look how they jumped in at the exact same time and started swimming.  TOO CUTE!

Had a splashin’ cool time today at a new water park for kiddos.

^ This gal never poses for me (on purpose!), so I was shocked when she gave me a little tilt of the head!  🙂

^ Fella had fun.  He honestly *thinks* he can swim (and this “pool” has a strange depth for a little one like him) SO it made me a little nervous to have him parading around.  We stuck together though…

unlike little C (above on the right) who was a waterslide maniac!!!  🙂  Her momma got a workout today.  This was a rare still moment for C!

^ Most moments are this sweet between these two.  She’s pretty good at taking care of her little bro (unless he has something she wants!!!).

Ready for mini session info?  COMING SOON!  🙂

Have a super day.  ~m

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I had the pleasure of photographing Miss M, a high school senior, while I was vacationing in Long Beach.  This gal, who is completely gorgeous inside and out, just so happens to be my cousin.  🙂  We had lots of fun catching up and roaming around some of her favorite beaches.  It was SOooooo windy!

She’s a surfer girl, so when I suggested a couple locations and she said THE BEACH, I was thrilled!  🙂

I can’t believe this young woman was the little flower girl in my wedding 10 years ago!

Can’t wait to see where life takes you, M, and I look forward to hearing about (and seeing!) all the amazing things you will do!   IF you do decide to teach, those kids will be so lucky to have you as a teacher.  🙂

More images from a different beach at sunset coming soon….

Have a terrific day.  ~m

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^ pulls at my heart strings:::this is SO her

^ fun storyboard…i love the colors (+ pink peeking flowers), angles & her wet curly hair.

^  the cute & pesky (not really!) little brother who, of course, only had eyes for the mud

^ Ahhh…California morning sunshine 🙂

Gorgeous senior tomorrow (at the BEACH!!!)!

Have a great day.  ~m

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We’re BACK!  And it’s a bittersweet return.  We had such a wonderful time with friends and family, it’s hard to come home…BUT…there’s nothing like your own bed and some structure!  🙂  The kiddos were getting a little wacko with all the loose schedules (i know, totally my fault!).

Spent today unwinding, unpacking, reading with the kiddos.  They also played with every toy that they missed, so the house was trashed by 10am.  🙂

So, for the trip…

These fun pics were taken the morning after we arrived in Long Beach.  The kids are so used to being INside with the AZ heat, they absolutely LOVED being outside.  They watered all the plants by my aunt’s house (and there are a TON!!!) for at least an hour.  There was tons of giggling and, of course, soaked clothing.

My faves of the watering pics coming soon!

Stay tuned for some actress headshots, senior beachy photo shoot, family of EIGHT photo shoot (a first for me!), and more from our incredi-trip to Cali and DISNEY.  This is going to be a busy place again!  Have one super day.  ~m

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Thank you all for your visits to the blog!  Unfortunately, postings are going to be less frequent as our fam takes off on an August adventure.

[aren’t these stripes fun???  this was taken about 30 minutes before the handsome guy had a tangle with a bench…and now has a hurt little foot.]

Stay tuned for snippets from the trip and some new faces.   Can’t wait for some fun[ky] photo shoots in new, COOLER places!  I’ll update on the road as I can and daily posts will resume after we return…  I’ll miss ya!!!  🙂     ~m

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^ My fav.  Love her hair, the angle, her hands & expression.

^ My sis with the kiddos — this is just a sweet image to me.  Everyone just seems so at peace.  🙂

Gorgeous……………………………………………………check out that killer jump!!!

These images show her quiet side and a bit of her craziness.

Peach’s rendition of Bib’s jump.   Makes me laugh. Only a couple days until we get to see Bib again!  Wahoo!  Cali here we come!

Have one incredible day!  ~m

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One of my latest favs.  SO typical of an AZ summer.

Check out these messy cake eaters!!!  🙂  Peach eats cake in seriously 30 seconds.  It’s QUITE interesting to watch.  No matter how much we say, she’ll just wolf it down instantly!

We had fuuuun!  Lots more kiddos ==  I just don’t want to post pics w/o permission! Have a great day.  ~m

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She did it 3x and then landed a little funky the third try.  No more high dive after that…I’m shocked she did it in the first place (well kinda).  🙂  Today was the fun bday bash.  More pics to come…

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Had an awesome day.

Peachie woke up to some colorful balloons (thanks to daddy + a great idea by Julie B).

Baked a cake with the kiddos.

Played.  Read books.  Watched a little Annie.

Mini photo shoot with my little big 4-year-old.


Fam came over for dinner, presents & cake .  Ahhh…the cake pic.

One of my most fav. pics.  Ever.  🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by.   ~m

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More cuteness from courtneycourtney at etsy.   It’s been a couple weeks and Peach still LOVES these cozy dresses.  🙂

I got an email from Courtney today and she’s the featured seller on etsy!  How fun is that!!!????!!!   She even has some long sleeved dresses in stock for the fall/winter.  Love it.  Isn’t it awesome that my kiddo can PLAY in these clothes?  And check out how unique these three dresses are!

So, today my little lady is FOUR YEARS OLD!  Yipes.  I still remember the first second I heard her little cry.  Oh, how our lives changed in such a fantabulous, amazing way.

Happy Birthday Peachie-Pie.  I love you!  🙂

Pics from some family bday festivities tomorrow.  The big fiesta is this weekend.  Wahooo!!!  🙂

Have an incredible day (I know two little 4-year-olds that will–Happy Bday to TB, too!).    ~m

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