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…just her amazing little miracle of a face.  🙂

Have a spectacular day.     ~m


P.S.  New blog in progress…that’s why my header is missing!  🙂

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Adorable little J (one of the twins)

***Does it get any cuter than this???  🙂

Well…he kept smiling for me…that was pretty cute!

Aside from his cuteness, I LOVE that fuzzy newborn hair on his shoulder.  That goes away too quickly…

Some images of his sis tomorrow. ~m

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Came across this image as I was going through some photography workshop pics from April and the beginning of May.  I promised a couple moms from various workshops I’d send them images…now that my Florida sessions are done, I’m working on them.  🙂  Expect some emails shortly from me, ladies, and thanks for being so patient!   ~m

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LOVE  -love-  l.o.v.e.  baby L’s:

  • perfectly round belly 
  • outie belly button (sooooo cute!!!)
  • adorable little clasped hands
  • creamy baby skin

Babies are so incredibly perfect.  I absolutely love every minute I spend with them.  🙂

hey…thanks for stopping by.  i appreciate it more than you know.  🙂   ~m

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Gonna have to keep you in suspense ONE MORE DAY for Peach’s recital pics.  She did great, even though she was a bit nervous.  🙂  Oh…and wait till you see her costume… neon, polka dots, tutu, backless, rhinestones…woooo weeeee!  Do you have a pretty vivid picture in your mind???


In the meantime…here are a couple more that stood out from this session   (just finished up the editing! yessss!)…can’t wait to meet with you, M, to show you the rest of your little princess.  🙂

^ I love how she just looks right through you in this pic.  I like how her pettiskirt (yes, I have a NEWBORN one!!!) dresses the image up a bit.

^ Her eyes look like gorgeous little mirrors.  The lighting was perfect here.  🙂

^ And a fun one through her bassinet.  Soooo peaceful and perfect.

Have a great day and Happy Dad’s Day to all the fathers out there!  Anyone doing anything fun?  Peach and I are having a cookie baking fest (special request for chocolate chip with toffee bits) and hubby is going to go play in the morning (he shoots skeet competitively)…then some swimming and dinner with the folks.  Should be a swell day.   Recital pics manana.   ~m

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{one of her cute feet

{his tiny feet :: love the comparison to dad’s hand

{more of the cuties

I had a marvelous time with little J and M, boy & girl twins, born to mom and dad a mere seven days ago.  They were little gems the whole time.  The babies slept a ton, ate, and got lots of lovin’ from mom, dad, and grandma (whose nickname around there is “The Baby Whisperer”). 

Thank you so much for letting me photograph your darlings!  ***More images coming to the blog next week — can’t wait to show you guys the rest.  🙂 ~m 

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So, according to mom and dad, I got lucky.  This little guy was up LOTS the previous night and tends to fuss quite a bit, so we were absolutely pleased when he started showing us his little tired signs.  

Oh, and WHAT a handsome fella!!!


The schedule for the session was:  Little L ate, had a bath, and slept.  Then slept some more.  Ate and then slept again!!!  Quite the cutie, sleeper, I must say.  🙂  And for being a month old (older than when I typically schedule newborn sessions) he did SUPER!!!  He even showed us a couple smiles.  🙂


^ Mom’s idea was a red towel pic.  LOVE it.  Love his tiny smile even more though.  

This little guy was in his mommy’s belly in [this post].  and I had a super time hanging out with them again…especially with their new addition now. 

I had a GREAT time, you two, and also loved seeing C and R…you four are just loads of fun together.  🙂  Thanks for the great lunch, too.  See you all soon!   ~m

*     *     *     *     *    

And for those of you wanting FAMILY PROMO news…

The WINNER for the awesomely different photo shoot is.


As a group, they came up with the idea to go fishing together (something they all have a super time doing)…and have lots of great ideas for our little venture.

I think it’s a FAB idea and can’t wait. 

We can schedule this for 6/21. 6/28 or 29th, or anything available in July (check the availability section for dates).  Send me an email tomorrow or in the next couple days with your preference!  Yeah!!!  Congrats and I can’t wait to do this with your family, A.  🙂    ~m


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