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^ This couple was SO much fun to work with.  Before we even officially started the photo shoot, I looked over (I was getting my camera ready) and this is what I saw.  One of my very favorite images because:

  • it’s a real moment between two parents-to-be
  • his expression is absoluely perfect…you can even see his smile in his eyes
  • their legs intersecting form a fun & different angle
  • his hands/arms fully extending to grab that perfect belly really draw your eyes right where they need to be
  • her looking down at her belly, sharing this happy moment with him is priceless.  🙂

I could post images from this session ALL. DARN. DAY.  🙂

Oh, and they now have a healthy, beautiful baby girl!  I got to see some great pics via email from mom yesterday.  K & J — I can’t wait to show you the rest…congrats again you two.   ~m

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