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{waiting to go on stage} 

Peach’s very first dance recital is tomorrow.  She’s actually pretty nervous, which is breaking my heart.  I don’t want to make her do something she doesn’t want to…BUT that happens throughout life and she’s been practicing a long while for this. 

She’s been saying “Oh DARNIT” –in a super hilarious, deep, serious voice — every time I mention her dance performance.  And then she proceeds to tell me how BUSY she is going to be that day tucking in her stuffed animals.  She’s just too cute. 

Anyway, we had her dress rehearsal this evening and she feels MUCH better.  Glad that she knows where she’ll be performing and that she’s surrounded by her dancin’ pals. 

Oh, man…you’ve got to see her outfit.  It’s a frilly, glitzy mess.  PLUS, I was shocked to hear that they have to wear make-up!!!!!!!!!!  Peachie was thrilled.  Me — not so much.

More pics (the real deal) tomorrow!!!  ~m



What’s your preference?  Color or black and white???

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