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My kiddos.

In the moment.

Bein’ sweet.


I was taking pictures of this home and all of a sudden saw my photo op…settings were all out of whack (not a pic I would usually take and I didn’t have time to think about it) but I like it.  Composition on purpose…settings not on purpose.  🙂

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Thanks for all the sweet storyboard comments yesterday via comments and emails.  I am now MUCH more inspired about creating them.  SO, thanks.  🙂

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Sessions update

June is booked except for newborns.

July has 3 sessions left.

August is full (taking some time off for vacation!), except for two Long Beach sessions.

September already has two sessions booked…

September is when the rush is going to start for holiday portraits, so start thinking about that.  Sessions are going to start going like hotcakes!!!   🙂

Holiday sessions are going to happen MUCH earlier than last year so that there’s not a major rush at the end.  I’m not going to over-book…I’m just going to take the amount of clients that I know I can photograph as well as edit, and feel busy but not completely stressed.  I’m considering doing a bunch of mini-sessions (shorter time frame at a specific location), which are convenient, less expensive and quick (20-30 minutes).  I will have the option for full sessions as well!

Okay, last night was a late one, and tonight’s turing out to be the same way, so I’m off to bed!   ~m

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