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adrenaline rush(according to Wiktionary) —  a surge of strength and energy brought on by…adrenaline

^  Can’t you just FEEL her energy?  🙂

I met with an awesome woman today — J — who loves to run.  She had SO many awesome ideas for our photo shoot.  We really wanted the evening to be about her and her accomplishments as an elite runner.  I SO dig that.  🙂

^ The cheetah in the above image is her good luck charm.  🙂  It was given to her by her two girls because she’s a “fast runner.”  <—HOW cute is that???

We almost had to reschedule some of the running portion of the shoot because of the darn smoke clouds…but the sun finally came out and created some GORGEOUS golden light.  Phew!

Have a great day and thanks so much, J, for one terrific evening.  🙂

p.s…what gives you an adrenaline rush????   I get an adrenaline rush during each photo shoot…is that bad???  🙂   Also, as much as I get nervous with performing, singing a solo is ONE terrific rush, too.  

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