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Thank you all for your visits to the blog!  Unfortunately, postings are going to be less frequent as our fam takes off on an August adventure.

[aren’t these stripes fun???  this was taken about 30 minutes before the handsome guy had a tangle with a bench…and now has a hurt little foot.]

Stay tuned for snippets from the trip and some new faces.   Can’t wait for some fun[ky] photo shoots in new, COOLER places!  I’ll update on the road as I can and daily posts will resume after we return…  I’ll miss ya!!!  🙂     ~m

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…fresh little perfect baby boy.    [storyboard above]

Newborn sessions are amazingly fun.  I love chatting with new moms about the personalities of their new little ones and their birth stories.  I LOVE *love* stories, birth stories, anything like that makes me smile.

Anyway, newborn sessions done around 6 days old are ideal.  The little squeakers (LOVE their little sounds!) are starting to adjust to life outside of the womb, but are still extremely sleepy .  <–the sleepy part is KEY if you want those new baby shots.   He is just SUCH a cute little boy. 

This guy was right around a month.  A month is definitely pushing it for the shots we were looking for BUT, he slept like a champ almost the whole time.  I barely have any pics with his eyes open!!!  🙂

S and J —  your gallery will be ready on Sunday.  Can’t wait for you to see the rest of your little man. 

What a gorgeous fam!!!  They don’t look sleep deprived at all, do they!!!??!!  🙂

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My kiddos.

In the moment.

Bein’ sweet.


I was taking pictures of this home and all of a sudden saw my photo op…settings were all out of whack (not a pic I would usually take and I didn’t have time to think about it) but I like it.  Composition on purpose…settings not on purpose.  🙂

*   *   *   *   *  

Thanks for all the sweet storyboard comments yesterday via comments and emails.  I am now MUCH more inspired about creating them.  SO, thanks.  🙂

*   *   *   *   *  

Sessions update

June is booked except for newborns.

July has 3 sessions left.

August is full (taking some time off for vacation!), except for two Long Beach sessions.

September already has two sessions booked…

September is when the rush is going to start for holiday portraits, so start thinking about that.  Sessions are going to start going like hotcakes!!!   🙂

Holiday sessions are going to happen MUCH earlier than last year so that there’s not a major rush at the end.  I’m not going to over-book…I’m just going to take the amount of clients that I know I can photograph as well as edit, and feel busy but not completely stressed.  I’m considering doing a bunch of mini-sessions (shorter time frame at a specific location), which are convenient, less expensive and quick (20-30 minutes).  I will have the option for full sessions as well!

Okay, last night was a late one, and tonight’s turing out to be the same way, so I’m off to bed!   ~m

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Is she having fun or what???  🙂  This is exactly what type of family photo I strive to capture.  Kids having fun…love & life going on.  Families just doing what they do!

You may remember this super cute family from here.  After tons-o-sessions lately, and a weekend workshop, I finally got around to posting some more of them.  [Thanks for being soooo patient!–I know you guys are anxious! ]

Aren’t they great???  Mom offered to climb the tree and I thought it was an incredible idea!  I would LOVE a pic like this of my fam in my home.  It just says they’re fun, spontaneous, happy…   🙂

^ Dad/kiddo moments are so fun.

There are so many terrific pics of this family — I’m having a hard time narrowing down my choices!

 ^ Little beauty

Can’t wait to meet with you guys and show you the rest!  ~m

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