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“Uhhh…I’m not used to taking pics of cats, but I’d love to try!!!”  I think that’s about how my conversation went with C when she asked me to take pics of her beloved felines.   Well…I’m willing to try anything!  In fact, I was quite excited (apparently Harley, the cat, was too!).  🙂

I am definitely one who thinks animals are pretty special, and understand the bond that people have with their pets (you saw our two cute doggies in this post), so I was happy to join C and her family as the cats ate treats, played with a fun feathery fake-bird thingy, and just got some lovin’ from their mama. 

C is a total cat lover.  An animal lover, for sure (horses, dogs, etc), but right now, her loves are her three ginormous cats (and her hubby, of course).   🙂   These cats are Maine Coons and are unlike any cat I’ve ever seen.  TOTALLY sweet enormous balls of fur and fluff.  Super cute, smart, lovey, and full of three very distinct personalities.  Every time I see these cats I’m absolutely shocked at their size…it’s pretty hard to tell in these pics, but these cats (except for the female) pretty much weigh the same as my toddler!!!

Diva: her name says it all.

Harley: the 4 year old “alpha boy” weighing in at 22 pounds

^ Trouble: a loverboy and the youngest of the bunch –only a year old and 22.5 pounds of cuteness!!! 

^ Touble entertains us with his MAD jumping SKILLS…jealous???    🙂

^ Harley wanted in on the action, too, (they’re after some feather contraption on a stick with fishing line)

^ and then he didn’t want to give it up.  This picture makes me LAUGH.  That look in his eye is priceless.  😀

C–I had SO much fun with you and these great animals of yours.  Thanks for believing in me — {mwah}!!!

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