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Really, my memories of this beautiful, carefree, sweet young woman have to do with fresh blackberry birthday cakes.  My family spent many summers in Seattle when we were younger and C’s birthday just so happened to fall during our visits.  Her mom, an amazing cook, would always make these elaborate and delicious birthday treats (and meals, for that matter). What fun — we even picked the delicious fruit for her cakes!  🙂

I can’t believe that C is old enough (aren’t there some people that you remember as little 5 year olds?) to be embarking on her own journey…moving away from the beautiful state of Washington to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Los Angeles.

She wanted some headshots…I told her she needed to “work it” for some shots for me, too.  🙂  And BOY did we have fun!

Can’t wait to hear about your adventures, C!  Best of luck to you and thanks for choosing me for your headshots.  LOTS more!!!  {mwah!}

Have a spectacular weekend!   ~m

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Yippeeee!!!  I finally see that light at the end of the tunnel.  It was SOOO awesome doing so many sessions in Florida, but I’ve been completely bogged down with editing since we got back.  I LOVE editing, too!  I only have two more sessions to finish…I’m thrilled!!

As I was working on M’s session today, I just LOVED:

^ I love experimenting with editing…adding a little texture to this image really made this picture stand out to me. 

^ I love scouting out different angles and frames for the subject.  The diagonal lines and the depth of the various objects (the white part is actually a post really close to me) really make the image.  Without it, there would be no life or dimension!

M–almost done with your images!  Can’t wait for you to see the rest…  🙂

Thanks for stopping by!!!  🙂


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