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for some delicious, mouth-watering LOLLIPOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

And another cute one, just for kicks.  🙂

Their momma brought these ultra cool baby blue suitcases for a couple shots (AND the adorable rocking chairs).  SOOO super cute.

Have a super day!  ~m

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The summer is coming to an end, so we had to document a eating favorite (outside & messy) fruit in our household.

And a BIG ****Happy Birthday**** to our big two-year-old guy (my little baby!) today.   He is such a little joy: smart, funny, playful, loving, and EXTRA cute!  🙂

Have a terrific day!   ~m

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I had SO much fun today with this little lady and her parents in their grand backyard:  a dairy farm!  It was pretty much a photographer’s dream — so many textures, colors, animals, sounds.   So much space for a little one to kick up the dirt and explore her surroundings.

She pretty much ran the show, which was absolutely perfect!  She was full of life outside and showed countless smiles,

her beautiful personality,

and many curious glances with her stunning blue eyes.

Definitely one of the bravest little ladies I’ve ever photographed!  🙂

Yup, that’s her to the right, face-to-face with one of her cow buddies.

Thanks so much for having me, P family, and I can’t wait to show you the rest!

Have a perfect day.  ~m

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Had a celebratory afternoon (that morphed into evening) at the train park for the little guy’s upcoming 2nd birthday.  Apparently, he “choo-chooed” the entire ride with his arm a-pumpin’.

We love him so.  🙂

^ With Mimi & Papa

& in color because I like both versions…

^ Taken through the fence as they’re ALMOST to the station…

Have a great rest of your weekend!  ~m

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I’ve pretty much watched these two grow up.  This pic above just pulls on my heart strings.

They’re really that sweet.  (S — are you laughing? — they ARE!)

It was an absolute pleasure “playing” with them today!  🙂

^ a little adorable sass!  🙂

Can’t WAIT to show you guys the rest (couple days!).

Have a good one.  ~m

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I was THRILLED to see baby M and her incredible parents today.  We’ve had this session planned for ages and it was so great to see this cutie once again (some pics from her last session here).  I just love watching babies grow up!

She got her Halloween costume out a bit early this year…isn’t it adorable???  Her mom always has the CUTEST outfits and ideas.  🙂

^ LOVE the baby-in-a-bucket shot with those little baby legs.  🙂

^ The lovely fam.

Dad and M took a little dip in the pool at the end of the session.  Boy does she love that water!

More to come…

Thanks, you guys!  It was a fun morning.  🙂     ~m

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Took my favorite little guy conductor to his favorite little train park for an ALMOST birthday photo shoot.  He asks for the train park at least once a day.  🙂

I put this hat on his head and it would literally be there for 2.5 seconds before he ripped it off.  Dang!

Thank goodness I’m pretty quick!  😉

It was one of those days where it felt like I didn’t get many pics (he was CRANky!!!) and then I found some winners when I got home and poured through the files.  In fact, I have lots and lots to choose from. Yipppeeee!  🙂

[NOTE to parents] Although sessions with me are ultra-relaxed and we let the kiddos do their thing (while taking pics) you can, at times, feel like I’m not getting any good pictures of your child.  That is SOOOO normal!  At that point, you just have to trust that I’ll do my thing and catch those in-between perfect moments that you can’t see from behind the lens.  Believe me, we’ll get some great stuff!  🙂  Can’t wait for all my upcoming sessions — looking forward to each and every one.

Have a great weekend!  ~m

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^  My new ABSOLUTE fav.  🙂

WHAT a little beauty.  I just love these images of S.   They’re so very “her,” and mom and dad, I hope you think so too!  🙂

Almost done with your session, J!  I have a marathon photo shoot weekend, so I’m trying to edit everything before then…wahooo!  I’ll be in touch.

Have a lovely day!  ~m

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This young man just started playing football for the season.  Although he’s only had some grueling conditioning practices so far, he was thrilled to share some of his football-related items with me!

FIRST, we hung out with his football, jersey & dad (they threw some passes!).

THEN, we told some jokes…WELL, it was him telling me some doozies.  I remember B telling jokes ever since he was a little guy & they’re great!  🙂

Lastly, he posed for some stunning portraits.

Another “looker” in the B family of six.  His eyes!!!

Have a super day!  ~m

Oh…and info on our latest Petco purchase tomorrow.  🙂

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Remember I said I had a favorite pic from my session with that cute, cute little smiley guy last week?

I’ve had this cape for at least a year.  I had been waiting for the perfect little kiddo to wear it and be excited about it…and boy was he!  He ran around, fought trees with his lightsaber (more pics of that later) and just had fun being a boy.

Same in b/w with a little texture.

Haven’t quite found the exact way I want to edit the original yet.  These are just two possibilities.  That’s what’s so fun about post-processing (yup, I think it’s fun!)!  🙂  I feel like I’m always learning new tools and techniques and love that I feel like I grow as a person, and as a professional, during and after each photo session.

I’m getting so excited for my mentoring session and trip to Oregon/Washington next week.  Can’t wait to be a sponge!  🙂

Have a lovely day.  ~m

***Took Peach to the pet store today — she had some money to spend from her birthday.  Anyone want to guess what we came home with???????***

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