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…just her amazing little miracle of a face.  🙂

Have a spectacular day.     ~m


P.S.  New blog in progress…that’s why my header is missing!  🙂

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(in case you can’t see)

A — tag reads “pinned to our hearts”

B — tag reads “Adorable”

E — tag reads “hand wash only”

*     *     *    

Your options:

All text (including tags) is customizable (color and font).

All colors are customizable.

Artistic embellishments can be removed if that is your preference.

*     *     *    

Cards include envelopes and are printed on your choice of:

high quality photo paper

high quality art paper (linen or watercolor)

high quality pearl paper (metallic-like sheen)


::: One very important detail:::

Cards must be ordered in packages of 24 (same card)

*     *     *

{For a limted time, ALL types of cards are $2 each!}  Lovin’ it!!!  🙂

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So, according to mom and dad, I got lucky.  This little guy was up LOTS the previous night and tends to fuss quite a bit, so we were absolutely pleased when he started showing us his little tired signs.  

Oh, and WHAT a handsome fella!!!


The schedule for the session was:  Little L ate, had a bath, and slept.  Then slept some more.  Ate and then slept again!!!  Quite the cutie, sleeper, I must say.  🙂  And for being a month old (older than when I typically schedule newborn sessions) he did SUPER!!!  He even showed us a couple smiles.  🙂


^ Mom’s idea was a red towel pic.  LOVE it.  Love his tiny smile even more though.  

This little guy was in his mommy’s belly in [this post].  and I had a super time hanging out with them again…especially with their new addition now. 

I had a GREAT time, you two, and also loved seeing C and R…you four are just loads of fun together.  🙂  Thanks for the great lunch, too.  See you all soon!   ~m

*     *     *     *     *    

And for those of you wanting FAMILY PROMO news…

The WINNER for the awesomely different photo shoot is.


As a group, they came up with the idea to go fishing together (something they all have a super time doing)…and have lots of great ideas for our little venture.

I think it’s a FAB idea and can’t wait. 

We can schedule this for 6/21. 6/28 or 29th, or anything available in July (check the availability section for dates).  Send me an email tomorrow or in the next couple days with your preference!  Yeah!!!  Congrats and I can’t wait to do this with your family, A.  🙂    ~m


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