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Couple more from this fun session.  🙂

I spent so much time at the B family home, having a private session with each of the six kiddos, that we ALMOST didn’t have enough light for the family session.  Good thing their home borders a gorgeous park!

We ran down there (literally) and, of course, had some fun together — can’t you just HEAR the giggling in the above pic???  I just *love* being a “part of another family for a session.  The dynamics with different personalities, ages, etc. is always exciting and changing.  Keeps me on my toes — that’s for sure!

the boys…

Have a great day1  😉   ~m

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***Special request for some smiley pics from M while she’s waiting to see her whole gallery.***

She’s too cute and bubbly!  I told her that although her smile is flippin’ LOVELY, sometimes I find myself drawn to her images that are more serious because her eyes are absolutely stunning and show SO much emotion.  Check these eyes out!

Okay, there’s a LITTLE smile in the above photo!  🙂  I love the *hint* of one.

I think my smiley fave of her happens to be the very first pic on the left side in the storyboard up top.  LOVE what she’s doing with her hands…and as Tyra Banks would say (hah!) she’s definitely “Smiling with her eyes.”

And a couple more randoms from our super fun session.  LOVED her timeless dress!

M — your gallery and slideshow will be ready for viewing tomorrow!

Have a fantastic day!   ~m

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I got a phone call yesterday from a friend — Amy Milliron.  A friend I met several years ago when both of our little kiddos had swim lessons together.  Each week we’d chat about everything under the sun…what we did that week, what we were planning on doing, favorite this, favorite that…  Over time, we came to find out that we had very similar backgrounds — we both taught public school for several years (and were passionate about it!), were both stay-at-home moms, there was a long list…

Anyway, Amy has some VERY exciting news to share and I got to be part of the beginning stages today!

She has announced her campaign for a seat on the Kyrene School District No. 28 Governing Board for the November 4, 2008 General Election (wahooooo!).

Honestly, the first thing I did when she told me was smile.  Her background as a teacher, mother, and someone who truly fights for what she believes in (another story there–just google her name and you’ll see how she has changed laws in various East Valley cities in regards to breastfeeding) just seems like the perfect fit.

Soooooo…here are some images for her campaign!  We had lots of fun today (and have lots to choose from).  🙂

Amy recently started a website, www.amymilliron.com, so stop by if you’d like!  I can’t wait to see where Amy goes with this — she is truly explosive in everything she does (as in WOW…she makes a difference)!   She needs lots of signatures and other campaign related assistance, so if you’re willing, stop by and see how you can help.

Have one SUPER day.  ~m

ETA: two more to choose from!


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adrenaline rush(according to Wiktionary) —  a surge of strength and energy brought on by…adrenaline

^  Can’t you just FEEL her energy?  🙂

I met with an awesome woman today — J — who loves to run.  She had SO many awesome ideas for our photo shoot.  We really wanted the evening to be about her and her accomplishments as an elite runner.  I SO dig that.  🙂

^ The cheetah in the above image is her good luck charm.  🙂  It was given to her by her two girls because she’s a “fast runner.”  <—HOW cute is that???

We almost had to reschedule some of the running portion of the shoot because of the darn smoke clouds…but the sun finally came out and created some GORGEOUS golden light.  Phew!

Have a great day and thanks so much, J, for one terrific evening.  🙂

p.s…what gives you an adrenaline rush????   I get an adrenaline rush during each photo shoot…is that bad???  🙂   Also, as much as I get nervous with performing, singing a solo is ONE terrific rush, too.  

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When I was contacted by Tracey to take professional images for her and her partner’s new website, I was thrilled!  I’m always up for new experiences. Here are a couple portraits of the lovely ladies:

They are co-founders of Listening Ears, where the words “unlocking your child’s potential” are all over their website.  I love it!  🙂 As a previous special educator myself, I have a deep appreciation for what they do.  Their goal at Listening Ears is to identify and aid in treating children with speech, processing, and learning difficulties.  They have incredibly impressive backgrounds and are so passionate about what they do.

Here are a couple fun shots of the two of them…

Aren’t they stunning???   🙂

I had a great evening, you two!  See you soon!  ~m

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