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Timing is crazy sometimes!  🙂  I got an email a month or so ago from a pal from choir who recently moved to Portland.  He was in need of some images for a new website he’s creating.  So, enter ME (and my random trip to Portland!).  We took some pics down by the train station just before Jen and I left to return to Bellingham.

From what I saw, Portland is such a clean, active, lovely city.  I loved the green parks sandwiched between homes and streets.  Cute little cafes on corners.  SO many opportunities to photograph in lovely and/or not so lovely (I love that urban grunge) settings.

[About the pics]  I was immediately drawn to this space because of the bright red door and the lines ALL over the building (bricks, columns, etc).  Of course, we took lots of portraits, up close guitar strummin’, as well as some full body close ups, BUT, I wanted to showcase these because they’re three views of him remaining in the same place while I moved.  Three very different looks.  🙂

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{FYI}  Lots of shoots coming up — this is the start of the mega-busy season.  I am booked for September, except for two mini sessions that you can find here. <- you will also find October availability, as well.

October is starting to book.  November dates aren’t up yet, but there are only a couple weekends I’ll be photographing before the Christmas deadline 11/16.  I just want to make sure that IF you’d like a short session with some holiday cards this season (or a full session), book sooner than later!  Don’t hesitate to send an email with any questions you may have, as well.

I will have all the holiday card options posted sometime next week.  They’re all SOOO cute…haven’t decided which ones I’m using for my family yet, either (they’re all that cute!).  🙂

Have a nice day!  ~m


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So, yesterday Jen and I spent the whole day with Shannon Sewell for a two-on-one mentoring session in Portland.  I can’t wait to put all the things I learned to use in a way that fits me and my style!  🙂   My brain still feels like it’s about to burst!

We photographed a stylin’ family, which was awesome (especially in preparation for the holiday mini-sessions happening soon!).   AND there was a super special surprise guest…WRECKLESS GIRL!!!!  I was thrilled because I’ve been following her blog for a long while.  Her style is just so unique and always inspirational.

^ Shannon in action!  🙂

^ Kristy (AKA Wreckless Girl) guitarrin’ it with a yard flamingo  🙂

Both photographers we met with have so much to offer are are extremely humble about their art.  Thank you, ladies, for taking the time to share a little of how you do things with US!

Couple more pics of these kiddos…

^  CUTE little guy

^ Super sweet big bro

I fly back home tomorrow BUT before that we’re having breakfast with our pal Jess AND a then another fab photo shoot! Woo hoo!  Gorgeous Manda will make her bloggity debut!  🙂

I can’t belive my trip’s over so soon.  I miss my family like CRAZY, so that will be just lovely.  I’ll definitely miss my GIRL JEN though!  We’ve spent so much time “talking shop” & sharing our little “secrets” with each other.

Have a super day.  ~m

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Havin’ fun in Portland!  Here’s Jen and me at our uber chic hotel, Hotel Modera.  It is SOOOO fabulously ‘Euro-simple’.  Wait till you see pics!

Took a car (of course!), airplane to Bellingham, bus to Seattle, train to Portland, and cab to our hotel today.  WHOOOO.  Ate at a greasy pub (the good kind) tonight and are getting ready for bed.  Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the “going away” kind words.  🙂  Can’t WAIT for tomorrow.  Have a super day.  ~m

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