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I was THRILLED to see baby M and her incredible parents today.  We’ve had this session planned for ages and it was so great to see this cutie once again (some pics from her last session here).  I just love watching babies grow up!

She got her Halloween costume out a bit early this year…isn’t it adorable???  Her mom always has the CUTEST outfits and ideas.  🙂

^ LOVE the baby-in-a-bucket shot with those little baby legs.  🙂

^ The lovely fam.

Dad and M took a little dip in the pool at the end of the session.  Boy does she love that water!

More to come…

Thanks, you guys!  It was a fun morning.  🙂     ~m

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Hey hey!  I’ve received several emails and bloggity questions regarding the underwater digi cam that I used for the pics a couple days ago…SO, I looked up all the info for ya.  🙂  First I started here.  I did a search for waterproof cameras and just settled on this page.  From there, I went to amazon and checked out some options.  I wasn’t picky because I wasn’t going to spend much.

I ended up spending $135 for this Intova, a 6 mega-pixel point and shoot camera (WITH optical zoom!) that includes the underwater housing.  The reviews were fine.  The price was right.  🙂

Is it easy?  Nope!  It’s pretty much a pain (not easy to work + a 3 second or more delay), BUT with a little luck and practice, I think we’ll end up being friends.   The battery life isn’t so hot.  The screen is impossible to see with the bright sun (and forget it underwater!!!) BUT I really don’t mind.  I’m getting exactly what I wanted — pics of my kiddos swimming — and it’s fun to do something new.

Took the cam out again today to my mom’s pool — it’s MUCH more sparkly than ours AND I had some help with the kiddos (smart move!) because Fella thinks he can swim now and just GOES and goes and jumps and swims without even caring if anyone is nearby.  Good thing Peachy is 100% on her own and confident in the water!

Oooh…if you get a waterproof cam, let me know.  Send me a pic or two.  Have fun!

I love my happy little swimmers.  🙂  ~m

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^ Taking a swimming break.  🙂  Definitely happy!  [Picture smaller in below storyboard, but I just HAD to show it large.] 

^ THIS is going in his room. I’ve been waiting for the right picture to come along.  🙂

^ Contemplating a jump.  This image is so him!

My next photography purchase has a LOT to do with the water…can’t wait to share. 

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THINKING AHEAD — I booked three fall sessions on Wednesday alone, so if you’re thinking about getting family, maternity, newborn, or baby/child photos done, give me a call (or email) and we’ll chat.    Many are booking September, October and November sessions for holiday images/cards .  I’m definitely setting limits on sessions during the fall, so get them while they’re hot!  🙂

I’m contemplating a mini-session day, so stay tuned for that.  More holiday details coming in the next couple weeks!

Hubs and I are in TUCSON this weekend.  Took a last minute vay-cay-cay up here…the parentals offered a night away and CHAAAAA…we took them up on it.  Despite an awful migraine mid-day, the trip has been awesome.  Nap, movie, dinner…super relaxing & just what the doctor ordered!  🙂  THANKS mom & dad!

Hope your day is fab!  ~m

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Had fun at my parent’s pool today.  Uncle P even swam with the kids — they though that was AWESOME!

This storyboard says “fearless at 21 months.”  This wasn’t always the case!  In fact, just yesterday at home, is when he really started swimming and jumping in by himself — it took him a while (several weeks in the pool) to warm up to swimming.  I think having a daredevil sister is a HUGE factor here!!!  🙂

Now all he wants to do is jump in!!!

Have an incredible weekend!  ~m

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When swimming lessons came to a halt 7+ months ago, I thought we were doomed.  Peach had spent 3 months crying and screaming on the way to lessons.  I finally gave in and we decided to give the kiddo a break (humph…she said the chlorine hurt her eyes). 


About three weeks ago, hubby started swimming with her.  They’d mostly play, she’s swim with her noodle…all was wonderful.  Then I came along and started demanding things from her as a swimmer–she wasn’t happy.  We’d just do a little at a time and I’d always give her choices — Do you want to jump off and swim to daddy OR do you want mommy to HELP you jump off so you can swim to daddy?  🙂

After she learned she could do it (she forgot a bunch of stuff from her prior lessons), she was like a new little kiddo in the water.  And now, our little cutie can swim swim swim like never before.  With practice and confidence, she’s swimming 100% of the time without her noodle and without adult help.  It’s unbelievable!  Jumping off the side and swimming to the steps..doing the same on the diving board.  Totally independent in the water (even though we’re always nearby).  Crazy stuff — I just never thought the day would come where my kiddo would actually swim on her own. 



I am SO proud of her confidence in the water and willingness to take risks.  Here’s some pics BEFORE swimming the other day.  🙂  The ACTUAL swim pics are part of a project I’m working on…so it might be a while before those surface. 

Have an awesome weekend and thanks for visiting.  🙂   ~m

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