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Gotta love baby feet.  🙂

Have a great day.   ~m

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Meet B.

And B. 

10-week-old twin brothers! 


They looked around.  They hung out.

They watched their brother a bit (is he cute or what!!!???!!).

These fellas loved being held and wanted nothing to do with sleeping our way (naked on blankies)!  Guess we can’t expect much from little guys who are over that newborn hump.  It’s their job to be observant little cuties now!

Have a great day.  ~m

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^ sister

^ brother.   I love the “I just woke up” crinkles in his forehead. 

I LOVE photographing twins!!!  (I just knew I would!!!) 🙂

Have a great day!  ~m

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{one of her cute feet

{his tiny feet :: love the comparison to dad’s hand

{more of the cuties

I had a marvelous time with little J and M, boy & girl twins, born to mom and dad a mere seven days ago.  They were little gems the whole time.  The babies slept a ton, ate, and got lots of lovin’ from mom, dad, and grandma (whose nickname around there is “The Baby Whisperer”). 

Thank you so much for letting me photograph your darlings!  ***More images coming to the blog next week — can’t wait to show you guys the rest.  🙂 ~m 

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