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One of my latest favs.  SO typical of an AZ summer.

Check out these messy cake eaters!!!  🙂  Peach eats cake in seriously 30 seconds.  It’s QUITE interesting to watch.  No matter how much we say, she’ll just wolf it down instantly!

We had fuuuun!  Lots more kiddos ==  I just don’t want to post pics w/o permission! Have a great day.  ~m

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Doot-de-dooo….cute little guy minding his own business playing on the front patio with his water table.

Heard something…

Hmmm…where’s that coming from?!

THERE!  There’s that airplane!!!  🙂

Gotta love the curiosity of a kid.  I love that he will stop in his tracks for any noise that’s out of the ordinary — especially loud and rumbly noises (trucks, planes, trains).  All boy — such a difference from Peach.  🙂

Have a good weekend!  ~m

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