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We’re BACK!  And it’s a bittersweet return.  We had such a wonderful time with friends and family, it’s hard to come home…BUT…there’s nothing like your own bed and some structure!  🙂  The kiddos were getting a little wacko with all the loose schedules (i know, totally my fault!).

Spent today unwinding, unpacking, reading with the kiddos.  They also played with every toy that they missed, so the house was trashed by 10am.  🙂

So, for the trip…

These fun pics were taken the morning after we arrived in Long Beach.  The kids are so used to being INside with the AZ heat, they absolutely LOVED being outside.  They watered all the plants by my aunt’s house (and there are a TON!!!) for at least an hour.  There was tons of giggling and, of course, soaked clothing.

My faves of the watering pics coming soon!

Stay tuned for some actress headshots, senior beachy photo shoot, family of EIGHT photo shoot (a first for me!), and more from our incredi-trip to Cali and DISNEY.  This is going to be a busy place again!  Have one super day.  ~m

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